News in the Liner Notes

Cool thing happened this morning.

While J and I were in college here and here (basically most of the 90's) he worked in a music store. He sold guitars and instruments, built the stores book sales, installed sound systems and taught guitar lessons. Many of his guitar students were young--junior high and high school students. One of those students, Paul, started playing guitar in his early teens and took lessons from Joal all through his high school years. His dad owns a car dealership in Jackson and I think it was probably one of those cases where everyone just assumed that this young man would follow in his father's business...but he had other ideas. Ideas that involved moving to Nashville and becoming a professional musician. In my house we call it "the rock star dream".

After Joal left the music store, he pretty much lost contact with Paul...until he ran into him at Starbucks here in Nashville a few years ago. Seems Paul grew up, and after graduating from high school, followed his dream. He came to Nashville and went to college (to keep his mom happy) while pursuing his "rock star" dreams.

We've heard of him playing with different artists and I think it's so cool that he's made it this far.

Fast forward to last night: I went with my friend to a Chris Rice concert at Opry Mills Mall. It was FREE and we both needed some time out. We had a great time! I was able to pick up Chris' new realease, Amusing. This morning I was reading the liner notes and guess who is credited as one of the guitar players on the CD?

Yep. It's Paul Moak. Joal's former student.

Isn't that just cool?!

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