For the Book Challenge

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Article from Creating Keepsakes, August 2009.

Written by Lori Anderson.
shown with publisher's permission, (c) 2009


I forgot to mention it...

The month of August is almost gone and I forgot to mention that two of my layouts were used in the stamping department of the August issue of the online magazine at

You can see it here.

Nothing ground-breaking...just a little basic stamping.

It seems to me that layouts and pages about teenage boys are disproportionally unrepresented (is that a phrase?) in the scrap world. Maybe ignored would be a more appropriate word. I, for one, refuse to let a certain 13-year-old boy's grenchy-ness about having his picture taken dictate what I do. It's a mom's perogative, right?

I still have that baby picture of his nekkid booty...he better treat me right. :)


Dad has a Blog

With this my 1000th post, I would like to take a moment to mention that my father now has a blog:

Dad writes a weekly email about spiritual things and I have convinced/persuaded/bullied/coerced him into putting it out in blog form as well.

If you get the email format from him (called P@ss It On), don't worry. You will still be receiving the email. That won't change. The emails will be posted on the blog. If you loose an email, now you know where it can be found, online.