The story of the drawer shelves

I can't even remember how it started--but a while back I became infatuated with all the many uses and reuses there are for old drawers.

Kitchen remodels yield no-longer-needed drawers that most people just discard...but why throw them out when a new life is just around the corner?

Broken down dressers and chests of drawers my have seen better days but what of the actual drawers? 

I enjoy giving new life to discarded things...a little paint and hardware...maybe some wheels.

This drawer shelf hangs in my craft space and holds a few of my favorite stamps. It was a drawer I picked up $4 at the Habitat re:Store. 

My ever-handy brother cut the wood for the shelves and belied it into place. 

I added the rope trim and painted it all. I added a patterned paper to the back.

I have written many times that I love wood-mounted stamps and while the rest of the crafty world goes gaga over photopolymer stamps, I remain steadfast in my love for rubber on wood. Little blocks of art they are...all lined up on my shelf.

I digress...

More on the drawer shelves...

I like nice hardware on the drawer knobs are just the right amount of sparkle.

This was a huge drawer. In one of those happy accident sort of ever-handy brother placed the shelves in this one perfectly, spacing them like it was planned to be a rolling shelf for **stamps** in DVDS cases!  

There was some kind of dancing going on in the garage that day!

Drawer shelves. Who knew they could be so fun!?

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A little look around

So it was a festive Valentine's Day here...I did a little decorating around my paper room...

With the new house in Texas came a small bedroom for me to call my own--and store the crafty goodness and mess. A neat and tidy crafts woman I am certainly not. 

It's taken some time to get it arranged but I think I'm finally getting there...

The ladder shelf is overdone. I know. I have to let it breathe more. Not use every inch.

The ledge is a work in progress. Always.

This is the card made at stamp club last Saturday...well, I added the ribbon. No surprise there. :)

Trees are just so universally useful, don't you think? I do. I can't wait to use this tree set more.

I'm not sure how to decorate for March...spring? Cruise? Trees? 


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Ten Things I Love about Texas

In no particular order...

This boy is a much happier person.

I have a laundry room.

I get to attend my brother's auctions.

The food...particularly the Curbside Taco truck!!

This dude and his mom are just up the stairs. I see them every day. And it's not enough. 

From Dallas, you can fly to anywhere. Last weekend, Joal spent time in Belize making music. 

This. A big tree in front of the big window. With a happy boy underneath it, enjoying the glow.

Painting with my by blood, two by marriage.

This lady right here...who had the courage to say "if you lived here this would be easier"...that set us on a path. 

Cute confections show up on the bar all the time thanks to the midnight operations of the sister/baker. She flings fondant and does the frosting shwoop like nobody's business! Watch out...if you stop moving she will frost you and add some sprinkles too.

So now you know...

Turns out there's an app for that's one of those tasks I have tried to do for the past 2 years but haven't managed to do because I couldn't sit in front of a laptop for an extended period of time. My laptop travels and when it's home, so is Joal, so I would rather not be staring at a screen when I can be here with him. 

Consequently, basically no blogging has been done in forever. I have missed it.

This morning it occurred to me that perhaps Blogger has an app.

Oh look. Blogger for iPhone!! Oh my. 

Happy days!