Card Sketch Keeper

One of the finest video artists creating on Youtube today is Kristina Werner. Seriously, her stuff is top notch. She puts out a feature each week on her blog called Make a Card Monday--this week however, was not a card, but a card idea sketch keeper. Above is my version.

Note: I didn't have a stapler handy so I used a thick thread to "sew" the pages together in two places. This paper is from Carolyn Gavin's Greenhouse Collection by K&Co. It's one of my favorites of late, so I didn't want to cover it up with any other embellishments...just let the paper speak and enjoy it. :)

Happy Wednesday!


When Good Men Cry Out

When Good Men Cry Out
September 14, 2009

On Friday night Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina cried out against one more in a long line of lies that President Obama has told the American people. The president said that the proposed "Obama Care" would not cover illegal aliens. However, the congressman knew very well that without any enforcement mechanism in the bill (which he had actually read) that it could ultimately be used to cover illegal aliens. So, he spoke truth to power. He said, "You lie!" His statement has since been proven true, and this problem in the bill was fixed after he spoke up. However, immediately the Democrats began to threaten censure for Congressman Wilson.

First, Joe the plumber, now the congressman. Which of us will be next? Maybe it will be the "thugs" in the town hall meetings. Maybe it will be a police officer who was just doing his job. Maybe it will be a CIA agent who is just looking out for his country. Maybe it will be the young couple who exposed ACORN. Maybe it will be the guys at Fox News for their opposing points of view or their political activism. Or maybe it will be you or I for sending an e-mail with "suspicious" content.

It is time that we all cry out in solidarity with this descent, normally soft spoken congressman from South Carolina who displayed such uncommon courage and appropriate passion. He was crying out for us in that moment on Friday night, and we need to cry out for and with him now.

It is time the rest of us owned the obvious truth that he so bravely spoke. The president does, in fact, lie - sometimes by direct statement and sometimes by omission. Consider this. Throughout the long election campaign, he made sure that he came across as a reasoned "almost-moderate," as an advocate of bipartisanship, as a proponent of capitalism, as someone who is fiscally responsible, as being capable of bringing positive and agreeable change, as a political peacemaker, as an honest man, as a man of integrity and transparency.

In fact, he has since been proven to be none of those things. He had every opportunity to express his true views and intentions before he asked us to vote for him. But he intentionally hid those from the country simply because he and the DNC knew that the country would never elect an ultra left socialist who intended to rule the country with czars and "thuggish" politics.

He knew very well that we would never agree to spend ourselves into oblivion, apologize to our enemies, treat terrorists like deserving citizens, back down from rogue despots, weaken our military, tax investment capital out of existence, turn the country over to leftist, tree hugging fanatics and avowed socialist and communists. He knew all of that. So, he lived a lie. And he lied by intentional omissions and partial truths. And he did it smoothly and deliberately.

And so far, Congressman Wilson has been the only one in Washington with the courage to call it like it is, but, that needs to stop now. We, who simply want descent and effective government need to stand with this courageous congressman as the Democrats prepare to punish him.

Perhaps then, this clueless congress that we are presently saddled with can get the picture that, in effect, this congressman was not just speaking for himself. He was momentarily the voice of the majority in the nation. This president and his backers should know that the truth is now out, and that we, the responsible citizens and voters, "get it." And Ms. Pelosi and her "kids in the candy store" need to know that it matters to us how they handle our representative.

In the last few months, I have come to understand that President Obama is a "political kamikaze." That is why he does not respond to any of the normal pressures. He is not worried about a second term. He is only worried about accomplishing his "blitzkrieg leftist agenda" in this term. My estimate is that he never really intended to survive the process politically. His only intent and concern is to deliver up the country to an unalterable elitist run kind of socialism in this term.

And, in fact, we really cannot stop him at this point (he has the power to do exactly that) unless we can strip him of his congressional backing. Most of those men and women like the good life of congressional Washington, and they would like to return to it. So, they really need to understand that if they continue to empower this "mistake" of a president, we, the people, will see to it that they don't.

So, I would propose this plan. It is simple. It is easy. And if done in sufficient numbers as a grass roots effort, it could have real impact. Via e-mail, let’s just join with this courageous congressman by sending the same message a million times over to the White House. The president needs to hear this resounding popular vote of "no confidence."

So now, for us, it is decision time. Do we want to join this brave congressman in speaking truth to power. Well, let’s see. It is easy. It can be effective. It is definitely an expression of support and solidarity for and with Joe Wilson. It is a great exercise of our first amendment right. And, in sufficient numbers, it might actually help "rein in" this out of control congress and president. And it really is the right thing to do.

Yeah, we can handle that. Let’s just do it. Simply choose a day for the e-mail event and contact your e-mail "posse," and ask them to let you know if they would be willing to join you in e-mailing these two words, "You lie!" to the White House from this page: Then ask them to do the same with their "posse."

A small effort will be completely ineffective here. But a good and faithful effort could be very effective. Let’s be courageous and determined here. Let’s attend to our duty and stand by those who stand by us. Let’s stand by the Honorable Congressman Joe "You lie!" Wilson of South Carolina. Let’s all cry out together.

So, I'm asking you, as part of my e-mail group, "Will you join me in this effort?" If so, let me know and we will all mail tomorrow (I will let you know the number that are participating) Tuesday, Sept. 15. The clock is ticking for this effort to be well timed with the debate over Congressman Wilson’s censure. Let’s stand with Joe!

I wish I could physically stand in the House of Representatives with Joe Wilson. I wish his constituents from South Carolina would fill up the House gallery during the censure debate and insist on physically standing with him if he is ultimately punished by Pelosi and her group. However, I can't manage all of that but I can do this small thing and I hope you will join me in this effort.

--Larry Burnett


A Muse Challenge

I am in deep like with A Muse Art Stamps. They are simple and clean and so very easy to use. My mom's mom, Bobbie, had a fan just like was old and black and heavy. I remember it distinctly (which is saying something) so you can see why I was drawn to this particular stamp.

A Muse is hosting a challenge right now called the No Coloring Zone challenge--participants create without using the usual suspects of coloring (markers, pencils, paints, etc) to add color to images. I stuck with black and added color to the card using paper--cardstock and patterned.

Happy Sunday.


Paper Love

Found some paper to love today...because of course, I don't ever get tired of new paper. :) I'm not usually drawn to stacks...but this one is yummy. And it was half-price. Gotta love that.