Hello Mr. Goody. You misnamed your store.

We have the most interesting and entertaining conversations in the car.
Here's an installment from today:

Me: There's the Goody's, but I sure thought there was a Ross over there too.

Little Dude: Can we go to Goody's?

Me: Why do you want to go to Goody's?

Little Dude: Because I need some goodies.

Me: Really? What kind of goodies do you think Goody's sells?

Little Dude: Umm. Idunno.

Me: Goody's is kinda like Khols. They sell clothing and shoes and bags and stuff.

Little Dude: They don't sell goodies?

Me: Umm, well not really.

Little Dude: Well, why is it named Goody's?

Me: I think maybe becasue it was started by a man named Mr. Goody. I'm not really sure tho.

Little Dude: I wonder if we could meet Mr. Goody?

Me: I don't know.

Little Dude: He should have named it 'Clothes and Shoes-s'. Since he doesn't sell any goodies.

I tried to keep the laughing to a minimum.
I really did.
It wasn't easy.

We never did find the Ross store we were looking for. I was hoping they would have some "goodies" for the wedding. LOL.

Stopped by the produce stand on our way home...picked up an out-of-this-world watermelon, a bucket of tomatoes, a bucket of okra and a bucket of peaches. I am introducing my children to stewed okra and tomatoes tonight...can you say "Mississippi Soul Food"? My arteries are clogging up as we speak.

Just after college, I worked at Kroger, in the floral shoppe. (You should probably know that Kroger's flower shoppes in Mississippi are a big deal. Way bigger than they are here in Tennessee. I was surprised to learn that when we first moved here 9 years ago. My local Kroger flower shop has one part time flower shop in Mississippi had a staff of 4 full-time people and was responsible for a full 25% of the store's sales. Not that this really has anything to do with the story.)

Next door to the Kroger was a tiny "meat-n-3" eatery that had been there for 40 years. It was quite a ledgendary local place! The lady who owned it was a traditional southern black lady (named moma bee) who started working there when it first opened although I'm sure she wasn't a cook when it opened. When I became a regular there, she was the owner and head cook, and might I say that she was ancient and sassy and all about good southern food. When she hugged you, you saw your life pass infront of your eyes. :) One of her special dishes was stewed tomatoes and okra--made on Wednesday mornings and sold out by Wednesday night. My mouth waters just thinking about it. A quart could be had for $1.29 and came with 2 sliced of cornbread. And let me tell you, I had many a quart. Oh. my. goodness. It was positively healing.

Anyway, while I am perfectly inept at measuring up to Moma Bee's stewed tomatoes and okra...what I can do is manageable. A little bacon, a little bacon drippings, a handful of chopped onion, chopped garlic, a can of whole kernal corn (drained), roughly chopped fresh tomatoes, chopped okra and some broth for it all to swim in. Cook on low for at least two hours. Salt. Hot sauce is optional. Don't forget the cornbread to sop up the juices. :)
As a side note, I went googling for a recipe and found one that called for Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in the place of beloved bacon drippings. That just seems wrong. Check. That *is* wrong. Heretical maybe. Stewed tomatoes and okra is not a dish that should be "fancied up" with EVOO. No hig-falutin' oil here. Go bacon or go home. :)
My honey is in Nebraska for a few days...and is having a hard time finding a hotel because the Olympic swim trials are happening there. How cool is that?
So now you know.
PS See that thing on the right side of my blog that shows where people come here from? In theory, it's a cool idea to know where your readers are reality tho, it's driving me up the wall. It's sending my curiosity into overdrive. It may not stay for long.


I didn't react very well.

I am the mother of two boys.
I should know better.
I should expect these things.
I forgot.

Big dude and little dude were playing outside.
I was intently writing on the computer.
They came in very animated and loud.
Big dude runs over to my space and thrusts out his arm.
"Look what we found, Mommy." he says loudly.

I couldn't help myself.
There was a neon yellow Caterpillar inching it's way up his arm.
It was furry. Yellow.
I heard myself yelling "Get that things away from me right now."
"But Mom, look." he pleaded.
"I can't look. Get it outside." I say in a weird freaked-out voice.
He complies, begrudgingly.

I hate myself.
I am the mother of two very boyish boys.
I should be used to this stuff by now.
He just wanted to share his "find".
I have made it a practice over the years to act cool even when I don't feel cool about creepy things.
And I never actually feel cool about creepy things.

I feel this intense need to go take a bath.
It was furry, for cryin' out loud.
And yellow.

I lost my cool.
My fake cool.
Right out the window.

Over a Caterpillar.
After a moment, I grabbed the camera and did what I do.


Yadda Yadda Yadda

Wanna guess where this "S" came from?
So what's up with you?

I'm a bit bored.
It's hot and I am so not a fan of hot weather unless there's a beach nearby. :)

Joal worked a few days in Houston this week--did I mention how green with envy I was for this trip? Houston is the home of Tracy Keith's little scrapbook establishment. I want to go there so desperately. But I digress.

His plane was late getting in last night, so everything got pushed back. We didn't go to bed until nearly 2am. Which threw us all into an exhausted, grumpy state for most of today.

Now of course, I drank some Diet Coke this afternoon and now, even tho I am tired, I am so amped I can't sleep. ((Sigh))

*Jennifer McGuire's got some really cool card/stamp videos on her blog. I really like this one.
*And this collection of tags made me want to go to town punching up some scraps.

*My sweet husband is leading worship at our church this Sunday...and I get to be there. I think I'm more excited than he is. He plays acoustic guitar with the band pretty regularly, but this week he's leading. Leading. the. whole. shoting. match. The worship pastor (I forget what his official title is) is out this week, as are both the senior pastors, but they've left the morning in very capable hands. I had forgotten how much work it is to heard volunteer musicians. :) I can not imagine having the wherewithall to get up and lead hundreds of people in's all I can do to sit in the middle sometimes, but Joal--man Joal loves it.

*My Quickutz binders and baskets are in a mess...totally. If I don't clean them up, I'll never find anything. Does anyone need some foam? I seem to have an excessive collection of 4x4 foam sheets. If you need some, let me know.

*My in-laws are coming down from PA for the 4th. I'm excited about that.

That's all for now. Happy Saturday.



"History, Agnes always told her students on the first day of school, was
not a matter of dates and battles, but rather one of stories. She would tell
them stories, she announced, and they would listen. But as Agnes put her pen and
paper away, she wondered this: Is imagination dependent upon experience or is
experience influenced by the imagination"

I'm reading a book from which the above comes. I'll tell you more about that later--when I've finished the book, but I just had to write down that quote and question.



If you are a local scrappy person...and you would like some scrapbooking need to get together.

The scrapping yard sale was a really good idea--I should have done that years ago. I'm happily spending some new cash and feel like I've got a much better handle on my space and the smaller amount of stuff in it. I also met several new scrapbookers from my neighborhood and a lady from my church (she recognized Joal) who's part of the home school community.

But of course, I have the luck of ...well, let's just say that I am perpetually unlucky. I chose to have my yard sale on the one Saturday of the month that proved to have 9 other sales in my neighborhood and 2 huge famous church tag sales on our side of town. Ugh. I missed the best yard sale day of the year...because I was having a yard sale!

In an effort to make myself feel better, I attempted to get Joal to agree that I should officially be allowed to add the $$$ I *didn't* spend at the other garage sales that I missed to the total I brought in. That's sounds perfectly logical to me...yes?

I did finally get rid of that stack of horrendous non-Bazzill cardstock I've been storing for years. One lady took it all (the whole 5" stack) for use with her Sunday School classes...or at least that's what she said. I hope they enjoy it.

I also have a couple of totes that didn't sell...if anyone is interested in totes. At a really good price. But you must come get them. I'm not into the shipping thing lately.

Aren't these note papers gorgous? I bought these today for half price at TJ Maxx. Found here...
Happy Sunday, all.


I can't think of an appropriate title for this post.

My favorite little scrapbook store is closing it's doors at the end of the month. I can't tell you how much this saddens me.

I've been processing this news since Saturday and I don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.

Scrapbooking is a hard business.
OK, truthfully, any independently-owned small business is a hard business, but especially scrapbooking. There's lots of competition, the industry is fast-paced and fickle, customers aren't loyal and they are pretty demanding. Times are changing and I think this loss of small businesses is a sad but inevitable reality.

I wish it had ended differently for Scrap'n Memories. It was my honor to teach there and I will miss it.

It's official now...I live in scrapbooking-no-man's-land again. (That's a story for another day.) The nearest store is 38 miles away! And the store with the best Scenic Route and Quickutz is about 50 miles away. Fifty miles each way. Ugh!

Picture me, stomping my feet, and sticking out my lip, like a child, saying "that's just not fair."
It's just not fair.

In other news, Heather, my have to see this!! Is there something you need to tell me???


Make a Card Monday...and stuff.

It's true.
I've been missing out.
DSL has allowed me to be able to use YouTube for the first time.
Can you hear the angels singing?
What a cool thing!

My favorite, by far, is Make a Card Monday. I've watched every single one.

There are other crafty, cardies on there, but MaCM is the best. Most people who do ste-by-step directions...seem to do too many directions. Let's face it. If you are watching a crafty person on YouTube, the chances are great that you are crafty. Or they hem n haw around. Get on with it.

I like this.

and in other news, last week the dudes and I trekked over to Arkansas to spend a few days with my parents. It was a good trip. Mom and I took the boys to the Discovery Place...

And if, by chance, you love Gerainiums, as I do, you must see SuzieBeezie's post from April (yes, I'm just now catching up on some missed blogs).

Praying for today's weather to carry into Saturday for our scrapbooking yard sale...


In other news...

When did I become a church-cynic?

I've had reason to check out several websites belonging to different churches lately and I have to say...
get a clue.

Why would a church build a website about itself and not use any pictures of itself or it's people. What does it say about a church that they use stock photos on their website?

Online giving...h-a-t-e this feature. Kill it. Auto-drafted giving is bad enough. Seriously. Giving is not a function. It's an act. Do not steal the joy of giving by making it a brainless, thoughtless, purely functional act done by computers. If you are too busy to make it to church to make your donation in person, perhaps you are too busy.

If you can't keep it up to date, don't keep it. 'Nuf said.

What's with all the lingo and abbreviations? Is there no reason to believe that non-members may be perusing your site? How will they be able to know what's going on if every sentence is laced with abbreviations and church-ese. Please. Write it out.

If you are going to have a testimonials page (which I think is a fabulous idea), please please please have testimonials from folks in every age group and stage category. Unless every single member of your church is a 67 year old male, please don't let his be the only testimonial on your page. Find some others. Bribe them if you have too. Perspective. People want perspective. Lots of perspective.

And finally, when you have your website in place, ask a few of your friends who are not members of your church to take a moment and browse your site. Get their feedback and perspective on the "outsider" take on your site. You might benefit from some additional perspective.

I'm available...and will gladly tell you what I think.

Something about Color.

I'm picky about color.
I think perhaps that's why my attraction to Bazzill is so strong--I can be picky about my color selections in Bazzill paper because they offer so many blooming choices. :)

But sometimes being perpick-ity about colors makes one (me) feel indecisive. Having so many options means color selection can become a time-consuming process.

To combat this, I've been looking for a way (or a few ways) to speed up the process...some alternative to using the same faithful color groups all the time. My little town library offered up this book that was perhaps the worst idea book I think I've ever read.

I finally came to realize that there is a very easy way--a very obvious way--to make color selections without an act of congress.

((((drumroll please)))))


this is big

worth waiting for

are you prepared

maybe you should sit down


here we go

my big reveal

prepare to be amazed

dutdutdutdut tah dah dah!!!!

----the Stampin' Up catalog and the Close to my Heart catalogs. Sheer color genius at work. All I have to do is copy it.

Yeah. I know. I let you down. Smack me in the forehead. It's OK. I've already done it for you. :) But seriously, the color groupings in these 2 catalogs are consistantly right on the money. Easy to thought needed.

Who knew?

OK so that was a rhetorical question. I get that everybody and their brother probably already picked up on the usefulness of stamp catalogs for color groups...I'm always late to the party.


Look at this!

So you know how much I love to see examples of scrapper's who get inspired by everyday items, right?

Well, even if you didn't know...I do.

Love it.

Especially this colorful GEM by digital scrapbooker (and pea) Kim Riverton.

In other news, I'll be blog-less for a few days...taking some time off. Enjoy.


The Book I Should Have Written

I've always fancied myself a writer but I'm much too impatient to actually sit and write a whole book (other than the one I wrote *by hand* in high school). So, I've taken to collecting titles of books other people have already written that sound like something I would have written, if I could focus for that long. (I know you are waiting with baited breath right...)

So here's my list...

of the


The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys by Dave Meurer

Trespassers Will Be Baptized: The Unordained Memoir of a Preacher's Daughter by Elizabeth Emerson Hancock

Make Your Creative Dreams Real: A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Really Rather Sleep All Day by Sark

The Bacon Cookbook: More than 150 Recipes from Around the World for Everyone's Favorite Food by James Villas

Quit Your Job And Move To Key West : The Complete Guide by Christipher Shultz

and finally, for those days when you just don't feel like being a sentimental journaler... Unjournaling: Daily Writing Exercises that Are NOT Personal, NOT Introspective, NOT Boring! by Dawn DiPrince and Cheryl Miller Thurston

So now you know.


Classic Supplies

So I was over at Scrap in Style this beautiful morning and I noticed in the boutique that there's a page called *All Time Classic Products*. I've always wished for stores to do this. Seriously...there are just some things that are really classic and will never go out of style.

On my personal list would be:

Close to my Heart leather albums --just can't beat them.
Zig Glue pens
Black and white check ribbon
Van Dyke Brown Ink
Bazzill paper
Circle punches or dies
Fiskars Soft-touch scissors (both sizes)
Making Memories silver brads
Scenic Route Background papers
Fiskars trimmer
paper piercer
tape adhesive
Xyron "X"
Heidi Swapp chilpboard letters in jet black (even tho they don't stick)
ric rac (any color, any size)
DYMO label maker with black tape
Kraft-colored cardstock
black and whilte polka dot paper

What's on your All-Time Classics list?

And now a bit of house-keeping: After eons of dial-up, I have upgraded the current surfing capabilities to DSL with Bellsouth. Oh. my. goodness. It's the technological equivalent of going from outdoor plumbing to a bathroom at the Ritz Carlton. Or from a bike to a jet plane. There just aren't words.

Why do I resist technological advancement so much?

Oh well...we'll ponder that question later and get on with zoom zoom zoom...

Closed Circuit note to Heather: I can watch YouTubes now...instantly. LOL!


One Shot Wonders

I've been feeling really bad the last couple of days...sleeping alot...trying to feel better. Today Joal had a great day at work by 10am so he came home early to be with us. One of the things I had to get accomplished this week was to get an Immunization form from the health department for G's school. To get the form, I have to go downtown...something I hate doing. So Joal decided we would take care of this together today. Essentially, he took care of it and the boys and I rode in the car with him.

Yes, I'd rather be the one sitting in the car with two boys than have to deal with a government agency and their paperwork.

But I digress.

While we were waiting in the car, I started looking back at the photos I have on my (new) camera--taken over the last few weeks. There's some pretty good stuff on there, if I may say so myself. :)

Here are a few examples: