Make a Card Monday...and stuff.

It's true.
I've been missing out.
DSL has allowed me to be able to use YouTube for the first time.
Can you hear the angels singing?
What a cool thing!

My favorite, by far, is Make a Card Monday. I've watched every single one.

There are other crafty, cardies on there, but MaCM is the best. Most people who do ste-by-step directions...seem to do too many directions. Let's face it. If you are watching a crafty person on YouTube, the chances are great that you are crafty. Or they hem n haw around. Get on with it.

I like this.

and in other news, last week the dudes and I trekked over to Arkansas to spend a few days with my parents. It was a good trip. Mom and I took the boys to the Discovery Place...

And if, by chance, you love Gerainiums, as I do, you must see SuzieBeezie's post from April (yes, I'm just now catching up on some missed blogs).

Praying for today's weather to carry into Saturday for our scrapbooking yard sale...

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