Something about Color.

I'm picky about color.
I think perhaps that's why my attraction to Bazzill is so strong--I can be picky about my color selections in Bazzill paper because they offer so many blooming choices. :)

But sometimes being perpick-ity about colors makes one (me) feel indecisive. Having so many options means color selection can become a time-consuming process.

To combat this, I've been looking for a way (or a few ways) to speed up the process...some alternative to using the same faithful color groups all the time. My little town library offered up this book that was perhaps the worst idea book I think I've ever read.

I finally came to realize that there is a very easy way--a very obvious way--to make color selections without an act of congress.

((((drumroll please)))))


this is big

worth waiting for

are you prepared

maybe you should sit down


here we go

my big reveal

prepare to be amazed

dutdutdutdut tah dah dah!!!!

----the Stampin' Up catalog and the Close to my Heart catalogs. Sheer color genius at work. All I have to do is copy it.

Yeah. I know. I let you down. Smack me in the forehead. It's OK. I've already done it for you. :) But seriously, the color groupings in these 2 catalogs are consistantly right on the money. Easy to thought needed.

Who knew?

OK so that was a rhetorical question. I get that everybody and their brother probably already picked up on the usefulness of stamp catalogs for color groups...I'm always late to the party.

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Mimi said...

CTMH has an Autumn line of colors that is just yummy - I LOVE it (they have two, this is the second of them).