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When did I become a church-cynic?

I've had reason to check out several websites belonging to different churches lately and I have to say...
get a clue.

Why would a church build a website about itself and not use any pictures of itself or it's people. What does it say about a church that they use stock photos on their website?

Online giving...h-a-t-e this feature. Kill it. Auto-drafted giving is bad enough. Seriously. Giving is not a function. It's an act. Do not steal the joy of giving by making it a brainless, thoughtless, purely functional act done by computers. If you are too busy to make it to church to make your donation in person, perhaps you are too busy.

If you can't keep it up to date, don't keep it. 'Nuf said.

What's with all the lingo and abbreviations? Is there no reason to believe that non-members may be perusing your site? How will they be able to know what's going on if every sentence is laced with abbreviations and church-ese. Please. Write it out.

If you are going to have a testimonials page (which I think is a fabulous idea), please please please have testimonials from folks in every age group and stage category. Unless every single member of your church is a 67 year old male, please don't let his be the only testimonial on your page. Find some others. Bribe them if you have too. Perspective. People want perspective. Lots of perspective.

And finally, when you have your website in place, ask a few of your friends who are not members of your church to take a moment and browse your site. Get their feedback and perspective on the "outsider" take on your site. You might benefit from some additional perspective.

I'm available...and will gladly tell you what I think.

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Just Jane's Journal said...

Hi Sarah! I'm from your TennScrapbooking group, and have enjoyed your site very much!

Thanks for turning me onto MaCM! LOVE IT!

I work for a Christian non-profit here in Franklin, and I'm the chair for the committee to revamp our pathetic website. Your comments are VERY appreciated!I made note of each one and will make sure I keep them in mind while we are designing the site.

The donate now page- unfortunately, in these times people "THINK" they are too busy to write a check for a donation and enoy the ease of that stinkin button. With the economy tightening around our necks, churches and non-profits are feeling the squeeze from every angle and we NEED every avenue available to get funding. I understand your dislike for this feature, and if there were another way to do it, believe me, I think we ALL would like to see something else come along!
Thanks again for your blog and your comments! YOU ROCK GIRL!
Hopefully, my daughter and I will be driving out to see your rummage sale Saturday!