The Story of my Christmas Cards

I broke with tradition (or rut, some would say) and sent out three styles of cards this year for Christmas. Until this year, every card has been alike. It's a personality disorder--all my cards have to be alike.

Or as alike as handmade Christmas cards can be.

This year I went back to my paper crafting punch-loving' roots and fell in love with this tree punch from Martha Stewart's punch collection (even tho yes, I still technically really dislike MS in general) along about the same time I saw this tree card by the fabulous cardies at Impress Rubber Stamps.

Add in a little Scenic Route paper and some tearing and glittering, a little stamping using the Stampin' Up Cute n Curly set and poof...there's my Christmas card creation. Some got glitter, some did not. I hope no one feels deprived if they didn't get glitter. I had a can of silver glitter spray that I had purchased for the wedding and did not use, so I thought it would be cool to add a little spray glitter to the Christmas card projects.
Unfortunately, the task of spraying glitter is rather messy and makes one a little high after a bit so it must be done outside. I usually do my creating after everyone has gone to bed and it's been kinda cold lately. So it was either spray the glitter inside and have a huge mess and a "buzz" or spray it outside in the dark and freeze my fingers.
I froze for a few cards, had a high for a few more, then gave up the glittering. If you didn't get a glittered card, please don't take it personally. :)
Made about 25 of these 6x6 cards and mailed each in a vellum envelope. I love vellum envelopes.
This tree kick I've been on is sticking around. I'm working on a piece of art for my bedroom involving a tree branch and some leaves. Lovely trees.


Operation Home

Several people have inquired about the curious lack of information forthcoming about Andy lately. Lack of news is an indicator of the holding pattern the boys are in for the moment. Andy's health is good and items are being checked off the to do list with increasing regularity. The truck has been purchased and is in the process of being fitted with the lift system. Andy was adamant that this big thing be fully achieved before he goes home--something that is fully understandable.

Andy's hope was to be home by Christmas but that's not going to be possible. Right now, it looks like a week or two into January will be the date of his arrival to East Texas. He's chomping at the bit but understands the absolute necessity of having all the ducks (even the little ones) in a tight row before leaving Tampa.

Daniel made a trip home to Texas recently and secured a brand new, 2 bedroom apartment that is fully accessible for Andy to call home while his more permanent abode is arranged/built. Daniel says the apartment is nice and they are quite excited about it.

So, since Andy's been property of the United States Army for a couple of years now, he's been living a paired-down lifestyle. Whatever he needed, the Army issued. Now that he's going to be a civilian, he will be starting from scratch, setting up a complete household.

Many of you have already helped out in this area and for that we are ever so grateful. Some others have asked what is left to do, so here's what I know: Andy has assembled a Wish list at WalMart and Target (with a great deal of help from Mom). He still loves Starbucks and has said that he's found a new enthusiasm in books and music, especially in the act of going to Barnes and Noble and selecting books and music. There's a nice B&N in Tyler (with a Starbucks in it) I know B&N gift cards would be well appreciated too.

Gifts can be sent to Mom and Dad's or if you are in Tyler, Mrs. Sherry Crain is coordinating gifts there. I will email addresses upon request. My email is

It's probably a good idea to stop all mail going to Tampa by the end of this week.

Pray...we all believe and know that God's timing is perfect. As anxious as we are to get Andy home and close, we understand that nothing is more important than God's perfect timing. Pray for calm and for smooth transitions. Pray for the path to be made straight and the rough places shorn down. Pray for strength and stamina. Pray for a grand homecoming.

As always, thank you for the generosity of prayers, encouragement, and gifts that have been so amazing so far. Thank you for walking with Andy and all of us in this.

Walmart Wish List

If for some reason the above direct link is malfunctioning, go to and click on the wish list option. It's under Andy Burnett in Texas.

Target Wish List
Also under Andy Burnett in Texas.



I Still Do

Seventeen years ago today
this boy took my hand
and said I do.

Baby, I still do too.


The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas
- by Sister St. Thomas, B.N.D. de N

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the town,
St. Joseph was searching, walking up roads and down;
Our Lady was waiting, so meek and so mild,
While Joseph was seeking a place for the Child.

The children were nestled, each snug in their beds,
The grown-ups wouldn't bother,
"There's no room," they said;

When even the inkeeper sent them away,
Joseph was wondering, where they would stay?
He thought of the caves in the side of the hills,
"Let's go there," said Mary, "it's silent and still."

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow,
Made pathways of light for their tired feet to go;
And there in a cave, in a cradle of hay,
Our Saviour was born on that first Christmas Day!

The Father was watching in heaven above,
He sent for His angels, His couriers of love.
More rapid than eagles God's bright angels came,
Rejoicing and eager as each heard his name;
"Come Power, Come Cherubs, Come Virtues, Come Raphael,
Come Thrones and Dominions, come Michael and Gabriel;
Now fly to the Earth, where My poor people live,
Announce the glad tiding My Son comes to give."

The Shepherds were watching their flocks on this night,
And saw in the heavens an unearthly light.
The Angels assured them, they'd nothing to fear,
It's Christmas they said, the Saviour is here!
They hastened to find Him, and stood at the door,
Till Mary invited them in to adore.

He was swaddled in bands from His head to His feet,
Ne'er did the Shepherds see a baby so sweet!
He spoke not a word, but the shepherds all knew,
He was telling them secrets and blessing them too;

Then softly they left Him,
The Babe in the hay,
And rejoiced with great joy on that first Christmas Day.
Mary heard them exclaim as they walked up the hill,
"Glory to God in the Highest, Peace to men of good will!"


Rest in Peace, Armando. Hello Poppye!

Armando, my beloved computer, went up in a puff of computer-generated smoke today. Self-destruction is never pretty. Volcanic ash is hard to get out of the paper on my desk. And the smell...well, let's just say it was not pleasant. I cried. I mourned. And then I went shopping.

Sorry Armando.

I see no need for a long period of mourning.

I've got things to do.

So, say hello to little red Gateway laptop! She's beautiful.

Thanks babe.


Trees of the Season

So I've been noticing the great prevalence of trees this winter and Christmas Season. Lots and lots of trees. Not that this is a new trend, mind you--trees are a large part of the season, of course. I guess I always knew that, I just never noticed it so much as I have this year. (Can you say "slow"?)

Trees really are astounding and beautiful. Here are a few tree projects I have enjoyed lately and thought you might too.
First, there's this awesome creation from Scrapbook etc (magazine) that seems so simple but so right:

I love felt ornaments and buttons and it's only natural that this little piece of handmade goodness from etsy would grab at the heart. :) Oh and this one too!

From Lasting Impressions--a company that specializes in brass embossing stencils sent this in an email:

Impress always, well, impresses me with their creations...and this one using tree punches is no different:

This collage tree on 2Peas.

This gorgeous wintery button tree on 2Peas.

This card using the famous "Lovely as a Tree" set from Stampin' Up by Jacynthe. This is a fabulous set of stamps!



Guy Patterson lives with me.

So my dudes love the movie, That Thing You Do. I'm not just talking have-watched-it-once-and-liked-it-ok. No. I mean we-have-watched-that-movie-so-many-times-we-know-every-line-and-every-song-and-we-wanted-to-be-Guy-Patterson-at-Halloween.

For the unenlightened, That Thing You Do is a Tom Hanks movie that tells the story of a rock n roll band in the 50s who had a hit song (called That Thing You Do). Their band was called the Wonders and thru a series of unfortunate events, Guy Patterson becomes their drummer and eventually leads the band to embracing their hit single. The band doesn't last long, buy Guy is the coolest drummer and he gets the girl. It's a rockin' little movie that my boys l-o-v-e. It's Tom Hanks genius!

My little dude is so desperate for drums that he has been forced to improvise with over-turned laundry baskets and flatware as sticks. At first it was just cute. Now he's a little obsessed. He likes the "drums" arranged a certain way. He has two favorite "sticks" that double as flatware. He must wear the shades. He's determined to convince his father that we need a stage in our living room.

Last night we were hanging out and he was doing the drum thing, so I shot a little video. Santa, are you watching? This boy needs some drums in a bad way. :)


Music for the Season

I heard this song for the first time today and so moved by it.
I hope you enjoy it too.
Go to her myspace and click on the player for it.

Here with Us by Joy Williams



A nasty little virus took me out of circulation for a week. Sorry about that. Sarah was working diligently on all things computer-ish and suddenly, everything disappeared. No icons on the desktop. None. As you can perhaps imagine, she quietly melted down in fear that 4 years of photos and 11,000+ songs had disappeared. Luckily, she knows who to call when I need to see an appropriately-qualified doctor fast.

So I'm back now after a week of recoperation and a healthy scrubbing.

She will update the blog asap.

--Sarah's computer.