Guy Patterson lives with me.

So my dudes love the movie, That Thing You Do. I'm not just talking have-watched-it-once-and-liked-it-ok. No. I mean we-have-watched-that-movie-so-many-times-we-know-every-line-and-every-song-and-we-wanted-to-be-Guy-Patterson-at-Halloween.

For the unenlightened, That Thing You Do is a Tom Hanks movie that tells the story of a rock n roll band in the 50s who had a hit song (called That Thing You Do). Their band was called the Wonders and thru a series of unfortunate events, Guy Patterson becomes their drummer and eventually leads the band to embracing their hit single. The band doesn't last long, buy Guy is the coolest drummer and he gets the girl. It's a rockin' little movie that my boys l-o-v-e. It's Tom Hanks genius!

My little dude is so desperate for drums that he has been forced to improvise with over-turned laundry baskets and flatware as sticks. At first it was just cute. Now he's a little obsessed. He likes the "drums" arranged a certain way. He has two favorite "sticks" that double as flatware. He must wear the shades. He's determined to convince his father that we need a stage in our living room.

Last night we were hanging out and he was doing the drum thing, so I shot a little video. Santa, are you watching? This boy needs some drums in a bad way. :)


Mimi said...

Very cool!

Melissa L said...


Guy Patterson for Halloween - brilliant. I see your little guy has got the "Shades" persona down pat :-)