The Story of my Christmas Cards

I broke with tradition (or rut, some would say) and sent out three styles of cards this year for Christmas. Until this year, every card has been alike. It's a personality disorder--all my cards have to be alike.

Or as alike as handmade Christmas cards can be.

This year I went back to my paper crafting punch-loving' roots and fell in love with this tree punch from Martha Stewart's punch collection (even tho yes, I still technically really dislike MS in general) along about the same time I saw this tree card by the fabulous cardies at Impress Rubber Stamps.

Add in a little Scenic Route paper and some tearing and glittering, a little stamping using the Stampin' Up Cute n Curly set and poof...there's my Christmas card creation. Some got glitter, some did not. I hope no one feels deprived if they didn't get glitter. I had a can of silver glitter spray that I had purchased for the wedding and did not use, so I thought it would be cool to add a little spray glitter to the Christmas card projects.
Unfortunately, the task of spraying glitter is rather messy and makes one a little high after a bit so it must be done outside. I usually do my creating after everyone has gone to bed and it's been kinda cold lately. So it was either spray the glitter inside and have a huge mess and a "buzz" or spray it outside in the dark and freeze my fingers.
I froze for a few cards, had a high for a few more, then gave up the glittering. If you didn't get a glittered card, please don't take it personally. :)
Made about 25 of these 6x6 cards and mailed each in a vellum envelope. I love vellum envelopes.
This tree kick I've been on is sticking around. I'm working on a piece of art for my bedroom involving a tree branch and some leaves. Lovely trees.

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