Operation Home

Several people have inquired about the curious lack of information forthcoming about Andy lately. Lack of news is an indicator of the holding pattern the boys are in for the moment. Andy's health is good and items are being checked off the to do list with increasing regularity. The truck has been purchased and is in the process of being fitted with the lift system. Andy was adamant that this big thing be fully achieved before he goes home--something that is fully understandable.

Andy's hope was to be home by Christmas but that's not going to be possible. Right now, it looks like a week or two into January will be the date of his arrival to East Texas. He's chomping at the bit but understands the absolute necessity of having all the ducks (even the little ones) in a tight row before leaving Tampa.

Daniel made a trip home to Texas recently and secured a brand new, 2 bedroom apartment that is fully accessible for Andy to call home while his more permanent abode is arranged/built. Daniel says the apartment is nice and they are quite excited about it.

So, since Andy's been property of the United States Army for a couple of years now, he's been living a paired-down lifestyle. Whatever he needed, the Army issued. Now that he's going to be a civilian, he will be starting from scratch, setting up a complete household.

Many of you have already helped out in this area and for that we are ever so grateful. Some others have asked what is left to do, so here's what I know: Andy has assembled a Wish list at WalMart and Target (with a great deal of help from Mom). He still loves Starbucks and has said that he's found a new enthusiasm in books and music, especially in the act of going to Barnes and Noble and selecting books and music. There's a nice B&N in Tyler (with a Starbucks in it) I know B&N gift cards would be well appreciated too.

Gifts can be sent to Mom and Dad's or if you are in Tyler, Mrs. Sherry Crain is coordinating gifts there. I will email addresses upon request. My email is

It's probably a good idea to stop all mail going to Tampa by the end of this week.

Pray...we all believe and know that God's timing is perfect. As anxious as we are to get Andy home and close, we understand that nothing is more important than God's perfect timing. Pray for calm and for smooth transitions. Pray for the path to be made straight and the rough places shorn down. Pray for strength and stamina. Pray for a grand homecoming.

As always, thank you for the generosity of prayers, encouragement, and gifts that have been so amazing so far. Thank you for walking with Andy and all of us in this.

Walmart Wish List

If for some reason the above direct link is malfunctioning, go to and click on the wish list option. It's under Andy Burnett in Texas.

Target Wish List
Also under Andy Burnett in Texas.


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