Trees of the Season

So I've been noticing the great prevalence of trees this winter and Christmas Season. Lots and lots of trees. Not that this is a new trend, mind you--trees are a large part of the season, of course. I guess I always knew that, I just never noticed it so much as I have this year. (Can you say "slow"?)

Trees really are astounding and beautiful. Here are a few tree projects I have enjoyed lately and thought you might too.
First, there's this awesome creation from Scrapbook etc (magazine) that seems so simple but so right:

I love felt ornaments and buttons and it's only natural that this little piece of handmade goodness from etsy would grab at the heart. :) Oh and this one too!

From Lasting Impressions--a company that specializes in brass embossing stencils sent this in an email:

Impress always, well, impresses me with their creations...and this one using tree punches is no different:

This collage tree on 2Peas.

This gorgeous wintery button tree on 2Peas.

This card using the famous "Lovely as a Tree" set from Stampin' Up by Jacynthe. This is a fabulous set of stamps!


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Mimi said...

You are not slow at all. I believe that God grants us sight to see things that we've not seen before, even mundane things.

You've been given a blessing, enjoy!