Kuddos to Royal Caribbean and MaMBI for Stepping it Up!

We just got home from a cruise on a Royal Caribbean ship (our 5th) and on each of the past cruises, there has been an offering of a scrapbooking class on the sea day. It's extremely basic and there's not actually any of the activities staff people (not a scrapbooker) lays out some supplies (gluesticks, markers, colored papers, punches and decorative scissors) and says "go to town". Several years ago someone named Angela Glasser created an 8.5x11 binder of layouts for this ship, and they are still passing that book around. It's badly tattered but so it goes.

Anyway, I always try to go to the class, just to meet other scrapbookers and encourage the spreading of our hobby.

This time, I was thrilled to see that in addition to the supplies, attendees were actually given a small kit made by Me and My Big Ideas with a cruise theme (4 sheets of paper, some embellishments, and a few ideas on the package)! I was totally impressed. What a great idea for MaMBI--a leader in the scrapbooking inductry, and one of the first major scrapbooking companies, to partner with the cruise line to fill this niche need.

But wait, it gets better. The small kit was free for attending, but MaMBI also created a larger, more extensive kit that could be purchased for $10 containing more paper, cruise related items, and **items specific to the ship we were on**! How cool is that! (I bought two.) I think I giggled out loud when I saw that one of the embellishments is a mini-Seapass's positively adorable. And there are two RCI crown-n-anchor logo embellishments that are glittered...awesome stuff. The paper is cardstock-weight and the colors are viberant.

In a day and age when many scrapbook companies are struggling to stay alive, I think it's *awesome* that Me and My Big Ideas filled this niche! There were about 15 people in attendance and about 5 of them were new to scrapbooking! The class was offered twice during the cruise (once each sea day) and I can only imagine how many people have been introduced to scrapbooking throughout the fleet, across the past few years.

Kudos to Me and My Big Ideas for reaching out to cruisers by teaming up with RC! Here are a few pictures of the kits...

Above is the kit that class participants received free...below are the contents...

Below is the kit that was available for purchase ($10), created by Me and My Big Ideas exclusively for Royal Caribbean and with products specific to each ship.

Above are the chipboard embellishments and stickers...I love that little mini-seapass. :)

The sheet shown above is glittered. :)

I thought it was really cool that it was so personalized for RC but taken individually, some of the sheets could be used for anything. The sheet in the foreground is actually die-cut, do-it-yourself postcards. How cool is that?!