Visiting the Dallas Arboretum

In the fall of the year, the Dallas Arboretum is transformed into an orange and yellow and grey and white wonderland of Pumpkins! Forty thousand pumpkins--every variety imaginable are stacked and assembled and arranged and propped and piled in the most delightful way to create a massive fall festival feast for the eyes. 

My sister and I both love all things fall, so we attended the Opening Day of The Pumpkin Festival this year. Here are some of the sights we enjoyed.


Scrap the Boys Challenge

So I ran across a neat Australian blog called "Scrap the Boys" and couldn't help but participate in the April challenge there. I mean...#boysaremylife. 

The challenge was to document multi-generational pictures. 


You can read Scrap the Boys at

I'm enamoured with the rather-sizable navy blue puffy alphabet stickers from Pink Fresh Studios. They are so easy to use and #hellonavyblue. 

I needed more room than one journaling card allowed to tell the whole story so I did a little cut-n-paste on it, making it just long enough for my story. (Journaling cards are from a Project Life kit but I have no idea which one.) 



Sarah's Rules of Scrapbooking

I know, I know.
There are no rules in scrapbooking.
I get it.
Technically, there are no rules...but I've been doing this a while and I know what I like and a few things I don't like so I'm just going to go with it. By personality, I find a bit of safety in rules so I have established Sarah's Rules of Scrapbooking--12 ways to keep my pages cohesive and pleasantly designed. 

1. The margin is always on the left. I prefer a page design with a left-based margin. If there's a design element the moves (such as a car or truck), it's front end should be facing the right. If there are words on a banner, the banner should be anchored on the left. If there's a title, it should run from top to bottom and left to right. 

2. You can never go wrong with a piece of black and white microcheck ribbon--or a black and white color scheme, for that matter. When shopping for letter stickers, always buy black. 

3. The longer the title, the better. I love a good wordy title that draws the reader into the journaling. 

4. A scrapbook page needs to tell a story and most of the time, photos do not convey the whole story. Give me the story that I can't see. Write it down. 

5. A photo that has a horizon line (such as ocean photos) should always be straight on a page. 

6. Letter stickers need to have their centers removed. I can not abide letters that have abnormal middles when they are supposed to be open. Can't do it. 

7. Alliterative titles make me happiest. 

8. Look for scrapbook inspiration in other forms of media--and when considering a sketch, don't allow yourself to be locked into only using the number of photos shown in the sketch or their orientation. A sketch should be judged on its overall appearance--not just its number of photos. 

9. Scrap lift yourself. When you make a Scrapbook page that is something you love, go back and do it again. Scraplift yourself early and often!

10. Back to titles for a moment. A title rarely works on a busy patterned background. If you have to work to read a title, something is wrong. Many times, a difficult to read title can be greatly enhanced by just setting it on a layer of solid cardstock. 



Antiques Shopping Excursion

I'm a serious person and I deal with serious things every day, however, once in a while I get the pleasure of laying it all aside for a little while for a little shopping pleasure. So it was today. It's been a few months since I had the time to visit my favorite vendor mall in Richardson, today was especially fun. 

Enjoy it with me again and again...




























Dear New Scrapbooker

In a Facebook group that I'm a member of, someone posed this question:

Ok quick question. If you were just wanting to learn about scrapbooking, what are some of the things you wish someone had told you before you got started?

With 20 years of scrapbooking experience, I have a few ideas and pieces of advice for anyone who is new to scrapbooking. 

1. Copy what you like! You have access to so much inspiration via the internet...don't try to reinvent the wheel with every layout. Copy! 

2. Do not (under any circumstances) begin scrapbooking with your wedding photos! I'm begging not do this. It will take you a little while to find the techniques you truly love and to learn what you don't enjoy. Don't let your important photos be your guinea pigs. I promise, you will thank me for this advice in a few years.

3. Scrapbooking doesn't have to take over your life or your house, but don't be surprised if it does. Making things with your hands is very good therapy and is something many people enjoy. Scrapbooking is very rewarding and the community of scrapbook enthusiasts is rich with connections. 

4. Scrapbooking doesn't have to be expensive but there are a few things that I advise you to never go cheap on--albums, page protectors and adhesive. These are the most important, staple items that you will buy. Choose wisely.

5. Not every photo has to be scrapbooked. Not every photo deserves to be scrapbooked. Choose the pictures that speak to you--the photos with a story you want to telll. Scrap those! Scrap the best, store the rest.

6. When building a page, don't put off the journaling. I see this happen quite a lot and it breaks my heart. Without journaling, a scrapbook page is limited in its lifespan. Unless you write the stories that go along with your pictures, those stories will be lost when you are gone. Don't discount the value of the written story. From the start, make the journaling just as important as every other element in your page. 
So now you know. 


It's a Cruise Scrapbook: Just a Glimpse

Back to Cruise Scrapbooking!

You can never go wrong including some bling in your cruise scrapbook! I love this pearlised paper from Bazzill. And it diecuts  like a dream, too.
Every trip scrapbook should have a page that shows the official itenerary of the trip. I printed this map from google and drew in the ship's route with a pen. Brads mark the stops. 

If you take a lot of photos of random things on the ship (that would make you completely normal), a great way to use them together is on a page called "Glimpses of the Ship". 

A cruise ship is a very special place...I wanted to summarize some of my feelings about all the many aspects of cruising...the huge variety of things that are all right there on one ship. Again, another way to utilize a large number of random photos. 

A cruise is a special kind of adventure--don't forget a moment of it by printing your photos ASAP and giving them a home in a scrapbook.