One Shot Wonders

I've been feeling really bad the last couple of days...sleeping alot...trying to feel better. Today Joal had a great day at work by 10am so he came home early to be with us. One of the things I had to get accomplished this week was to get an Immunization form from the health department for G's school. To get the form, I have to go downtown...something I hate doing. So Joal decided we would take care of this together today. Essentially, he took care of it and the boys and I rode in the car with him.

Yes, I'd rather be the one sitting in the car with two boys than have to deal with a government agency and their paperwork.

But I digress.

While we were waiting in the car, I started looking back at the photos I have on my (new) camera--taken over the last few weeks. There's some pretty good stuff on there, if I may say so myself. :)

Here are a few examples:

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