I love stamps.

I love stamps.
I own a decent collection.
I own quite a few stamp catalogs.
I read many many stamping blogs regularly.
I admire stamp artists.
I have designed stamps and had them made.
I read stamping magazines.
I know alot about stamping.
I browse stamping sites and boards.
I own an embossing gun and embossing powders.
I have attended stamping conventions and taken classes.
And yet...

Oddly enough...

I almost never actually do any stamping.

In fact, I stamp so rarely that most of my ink pads have given up their goodness.

I'm not sure why. I just don't think of actually doing it very often.

I was drooling over this stamping blogs this very day...what visual candy!

But I don't stamp.
Why is that?


Mimi said...

I read an awful lot more about scrapping than I actually do. I know what you mean.

But, I do stamp when I make cards a lot.

Tyggereye said...

I'm addicted to stamps I admit it. I use them a fair share on my layouts, but mostly on cards. I hand carve my own also. I love those the most.