Give Me Liberty

It's a good day.
I have Scenic Route's Liberty in my hot little hands.
I wish there was an auto ship program for Scenic Route.
Layle, are you hearing me?
Every new release, just send me a brick.
Surely, I'm not the only one.

In other news, I'm seeking a different kind of liberty or maybe freedom...from clutter. We are having friends over for a meal on Monday and I want my space to be completely organized and pleasant by then. Cross your fingers for me.


Anita said...

Have you visited me lately??? I have 2 new posts! ehehheheee!

Anita said...

OH 21 years ago today, Seth was born! (boo hoo) He is all grown up now and living in Memphis! Cory graduated Friday night--2 more kids to go! Justin is in his last year of college now--at 23, he is interning with the local police scary is that?? Where has time gone?

Do you feel the urge to come stay with me for a week??