Can I order up another Saturday please?

What a day.
Got up early and hit some yard sales. It was the perfect spring Saturday morning for treasure hunting. Made 12 stops and found a handful of goodies: a large collection of vintage books (both children's story books and cookbooks), a hat, a zipper binder for Julian, a toy boat that Julian declared he needed, and a yard tool. All in all, a good day. There were many in my own neighborhood today...I like those that don't require too much driving. Otherwise, it kinda defeats the purpose, ya know. :)

The car was in need of new tires, brakes and a few minor upkeep measures, so the men and I trekked it down to Franklin to the Toyota dealership (the only one in the area open all day on Saturday). While we were waiting, we had lunch at Jason's Deli. I like going there and I wish there was one closer to us.

The car upkeep took a while longer, so I dropped Joal off at the dealership to wait on it and I brought the boys home. We totally intended to go over to the Touch a Truck event...but I forgot. Ugh. The boys would have loved it. We were right just slipped my mind. Looney, I tell ya. I'm headed that way fast.

When Joal got home later in the afternoon, I went to pick up a new camera and a home printer. I'm hooking it all up right's so exciting. Now I can print my own pictures. How cool is that? I never imagined...Remember when we had to mail off the rolls of film and wait for weeks for it to return? Not anymore. I know, I'm a little late with it...others have been printing at home for years...but I'm always a little behind the times with techno stuff.

Then after we got the boys into bed, I went to buy groceries. It's exhausting to go at 9:30 pm, but it surely isn't crowded and I don't have to contend with little people adding things to my buggie. :)

I got alot done today, but I sure could use one more Saturday to catch up at home. Anyone have an extra I can have?

So now you know...


TracieClaiborne said...'d ya get that snazzy signature? I want one!

What kind of camera and printer did ya get?

Sarah C. said...

I know what you mean. We didn't even have set plans and our Saturday went by in the blink of an eye. Really, the entire weekend did.

Also a fan of Jason's Deli. So yummy! :)