Excitement on Briley

Monday, AM

So there we were driving along the almost deserted Briley Parkway in relative peace when out of nowhere the passengers in my backseat went absolutely beserk. Beserk. Bezerk. I have no idea how to spell it but you know what I mean. Crazy. They went crazy.

Like little girls seeing Hannah Montana.

They craned their necks and begged me to speed up as she passed. Um yeah. Might I remind you that this is your mother's 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 167,ooo miles and --lovely as she is--she does not do "catch up" with a Porsche. Ever. In a million years. Sorry to disappoint, my loves.

What were they freaking out about? A little blue Porsche. The world-famous "Miss Sally" from the movie, Cars.

Shrieks of "Mommy, it's Miss Sally!" could be heard for miles. It was the highlight of our trip to the bread store.

I wonder if drivers of blue Porsches (what's the plural of Porsche? Porschi?) know how special they are to children who love that movie. I suppose drivers of Porsches have always garnered a certain amount of attention...but now it's certainly a different kind of say smiles and shrieks and pointing from little boys ages 5 to 12 and their Jeep-driving Moms.

"Boy, you're in a heap o' trouble now."

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