I didn't react very well.

I am the mother of two boys.
I should know better.
I should expect these things.
I forgot.

Big dude and little dude were playing outside.
I was intently writing on the computer.
They came in very animated and loud.
Big dude runs over to my space and thrusts out his arm.
"Look what we found, Mommy." he says loudly.

I couldn't help myself.
There was a neon yellow Caterpillar inching it's way up his arm.
It was furry. Yellow.
I heard myself yelling "Get that things away from me right now."
"But Mom, look." he pleaded.
"I can't look. Get it outside." I say in a weird freaked-out voice.
He complies, begrudgingly.

I hate myself.
I am the mother of two very boyish boys.
I should be used to this stuff by now.
He just wanted to share his "find".
I have made it a practice over the years to act cool even when I don't feel cool about creepy things.
And I never actually feel cool about creepy things.

I feel this intense need to go take a bath.
It was furry, for cryin' out loud.
And yellow.

I lost my cool.
My fake cool.
Right out the window.

Over a Caterpillar.
After a moment, I grabbed the camera and did what I do.


Creative Junkie said...

well, i'm the mom of 2 girls so it's not exactly the same, but i would have still reacted like you, except that i would have shrieked at the top of my lungs and you'd have to pry me off the ceiling. bugs and i just don't get along. as long as they stay outside and i stay inside, it's all good.

E. said...

I love your blog! The pictures are too cute. Your kids are adorable, even with the creepy crawler. ;)

See ya on the pod.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

Shivers... LOL. I'm squeamish so I know how you feel.. LOL.

Liberty said...

Awe Mom -- bugs can be creepy crawlie shudders for anyone! Don't be hard on yourself! :) Great Blog!

Maizie @ 2Peas

10ec said...
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