If you are a local scrappy person...and you would like some scrapbooking need to get together.

The scrapping yard sale was a really good idea--I should have done that years ago. I'm happily spending some new cash and feel like I've got a much better handle on my space and the smaller amount of stuff in it. I also met several new scrapbookers from my neighborhood and a lady from my church (she recognized Joal) who's part of the home school community.

But of course, I have the luck of ...well, let's just say that I am perpetually unlucky. I chose to have my yard sale on the one Saturday of the month that proved to have 9 other sales in my neighborhood and 2 huge famous church tag sales on our side of town. Ugh. I missed the best yard sale day of the year...because I was having a yard sale!

In an effort to make myself feel better, I attempted to get Joal to agree that I should officially be allowed to add the $$$ I *didn't* spend at the other garage sales that I missed to the total I brought in. That's sounds perfectly logical to me...yes?

I did finally get rid of that stack of horrendous non-Bazzill cardstock I've been storing for years. One lady took it all (the whole 5" stack) for use with her Sunday School classes...or at least that's what she said. I hope they enjoy it.

I also have a couple of totes that didn't sell...if anyone is interested in totes. At a really good price. But you must come get them. I'm not into the shipping thing lately.

Aren't these note papers gorgous? I bought these today for half price at TJ Maxx. Found here...
Happy Sunday, all.

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