A little look around

So it was a festive Valentine's Day here...I did a little decorating around my paper room...

With the new house in Texas came a small bedroom for me to call my own--and store the crafty goodness and mess. A neat and tidy crafts woman I am certainly not. 

It's taken some time to get it arranged but I think I'm finally getting there...

The ladder shelf is overdone. I know. I have to let it breathe more. Not use every inch.

The ledge is a work in progress. Always.

This is the card made at stamp club last Saturday...well, I added the ribbon. No surprise there. :)

Trees are just so universally useful, don't you think? I do. I can't wait to use this tree set more.

I'm not sure how to decorate for March...spring? Cruise? Trees? 


Thanks for reading.

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