I lovingly stalk the blog of Kelli Crowe. (See link on the right.) Hey. I admire any woman who boldly uses flowers on boy pages and lives to tell about it. (LOL!)

A day or so ago, she posted about the things her family collects. It was a fun read. I need fun reads right now.


The man in my life collects CD—compact disks. (As opposed to certificates of deposit…wouldn’t that be nice?) He has been doing this as long as CDs have been in production. I have no idea how many he owns but I do know that it’s enough to warrant a fully dedicated, customized closet to house them all and a special listing on our home owners insurance. The funny thing is his rules of acquisition for CDs. Rule number one is that if you wait long enough, the cd you want will turn up at the used cd store. Seriously, the man loves the used cd stores like I love scrapbook stores.

Ju collects Rescue Heroes. I think maybe I sorta forced him into that but he loves them now. I just think they are really cool with their oversized feet, their catchy names and their cool gadgets. Or maybe it’s because I have a secret crush on Billy Blazes. Anyway…Ju also has recently started a collection of fire department t-shirts. So far he has 3. Nashville Fire, Flowood Fire and a JR Firefighter shirt. We’re hoping to get a Holly Lake or Hawkins Fire Dept shirt from my newly-graduated fire fighter brother very soon.

G has an ever growing collection of board books. At 2, he hasn’t indicated an interest in collecting much yet.

That leaves me. I collect glass vases and containers, vintage Tupperware, abandoned heritage-style photos, old hymn books, simple daisies (anything with daisies on it or in it) and of course, ribbon and paper. There’s a line of hand carved angels and figurines by Willow Tree that I’d like to collect someday…they are by Artist Susan Lordi. They are simple and beautiful to me. (See photo above.)

Collections have always interested me. I think what a person collects says a great deal about them. So, as Kelli asked, what do you collect?

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