Product Idea of the Decade!!

New product idea of the decade!! Yep. You are about to read about it right here.

Are you ready?

So, you know how ketchup, mustard, mayo, honey, lemon jouce and relish are all available in those little miniture, single serving pouches, right? You find them at fast food restaurants, sporting events, at schools, etc??


So why on earth hasn't someone ever thought to put chocolate syrup in one of these little pouches?

Sometimes you really need a quick hit of chocolate. Lighten the mood. Enhance the flavor. A personal pouch of chocolate available at your convenience to be added to a cup of coffee, a carton of milk, a spoon of peanut butter, drizzled on top of a graham cracker...or for those really desperate souls, squirt it directly onto a finger. LOL! Not too much so you aren't over-indulging...just enough.

Anyone else see the potential here??


Debby said...

OMG!! I can't believe that no one else has ever thought of this. I think that you should write to Hershey with your idea - who knows, maybe if it works you'll get some kind of royalty or finder's fee or something! It's a spectacular idea. Mmmmm, thick hot fudge type chocolate that after a couple squeezes in the hand would be warm!!! OK, off to find a hit of chocolate now... Seriously, write to Hershey... for all our sakes!!

jill said...

Our famous candymaker, Sanders, here in Detroit has an awesome chocolate sauce ... and ... it comes in a packet like you describe!

So ... create your own secret recipe and get packaging, girl!

liannallama said...

oh, yes! I could use one of those right now!