I Think There's Been a Mix-up...

I definately think there's been some kind of mix-up.
Maybe two.

Because there is no way that *I* gave birth to two children who both think it's acceptable to get up voluntarily and be ready to start their day before 9:30 am.

It's just. not. possible.

I am nocturnal by nature. Lifelong, dedicated nocturnalist. Always. My favorite, most creative hours of the day are well...the night. Deep into the night. Midnight to 4 am are prime. I'd rather not see two hours that start with a 6 in the same day.

But alas.
My children took after their father.
Mr. I-think-it's-cool-to-get-started-on-my-day-before-everyone-else-and-be-to-Starbucks-when-they-unlock-the-doors. Blech!!

(Have I ever mentioned that in college their father also wrote his term papers weeks before they were actually due? Who does this? Entire dorms stayed up the night before papers were due, writing and typing, proofing and sourcing. I remember fondly making the last correction and printing the final copy at 8 am after writing all night and handing in a still-warm copy moments later. It was kindof a thrill to see who could cut it the closest. Does he have these fond memories? Ha!! It's a wonder I married him.) :)

Yep. Both boys. Up and calling for breakfast at 6:10 am today. By 7 am we had finished breakfast, made beds, started laundry and started J's math. It's approaching 8 am now and I have just had my second Diet Orange, chilled from the freezer. I'd really like a Dr. Pepper. or three. Maybe then I could keep up with the morning mania boys.

I just don't know how this happened. They could easily sleep till 8 or 9 every morning. How lucky would that be? They want to get up and get going.


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Leigh Ann said...

This cracks me up! I, too, prefer the late-night hours. I particularly love to crop at that late hour and can't wait for CTF to have the opportunity. Maybe we could trade kids...we have to leave home by 7:30 a.m. and many mornings we're dragging B out of bed at 7:15. On weekends he often sleeps until 8:00. I just love that boy.