Ribbon Revelry

My friend Leigh Ann scoped out Textile Fabrics as a possible ribbon store and reported in her blog at Scrappy Chronicles. I knew she was going and am so glad she discovered this new (or new to us) local source for delicious ribbons.

It’s just as she said…completely wonderful, packed with textures and tactile delights, and a true ribbon-lovers paradise. I couldn’t stay away. I got to visit Saturday afternoon and ahh…it was wonderful.

Trims, fabrics, notions, twills, satins, ric racs, cords, braids, plaids, stripes, plaids, checks, stitched, wired, glittery things, embroidered fancies, beaded lace, imprinteds, silks, ombres, fringe, …so many styles of luscious ribbons.

I didn’t have nearly enough time. I will definitely be going back ASAP.

Ribbon – it’s a wonderful thing.


t.hatcher said...

How could you do this to me? I do NOT need another reason to be driving to Nashville every week! I'll have to ask Tracie where this place is and we may have to make a run to check it out. If I can't convince her to take me, I may try to find it on my own. LOL! Ribbon just makes me happy; I guess I'm a simple girl with simple loves.


Sarah said...

LOL! Sorry about that...sorta.

They have a map on their website. Basically it's close to the Michaels at 100 Oaks Mall.

Coming out of the north end of the M's parking lot (by Saks Off and the motorcycle store) you turn left. Go thru the light and immediately on your right is an exit marked Franklin Road. Take that ramp down to Franklin Road. When it splits, go to the right. At the first light, turn left into the shopping center.

It's located close to the street and they have a huge sign...very easy to spot.

Leigh Ann said...

It's a wonderful place, isn't it? You failed to mention how much you bought! Was that on purpose? LOL. I forgot to tell you that at one point, a worker stopped by to ask me if I was finding everything okay and I was like "oh yeah...giggle." I sounded like I was intoxicated. Well, they do have a lot of intoxicating ribbon, now don't they? ;)

Sarah said...

Yes, I'm sure I sounded quite giddy too. I know I couldn't wipe that stupid grin off my face for hours. Isn't that crazy?!

You know about me and cash, right. I generally only use cash asa way of keeping things under control. I only took $20. I had enought left over for a Sonic drink on the way home. LOL! Still...that bag was deceptively small. Evil evil evil place...LOL!