Scrap It!

Last Saturday my friend L and I went to Scrap It! --a scrapbook store in Hermitage, TN. What a truly great place! I don't get over there nearly as often as I would like because going across town is like going on a trek around the world for me. It just doesn't happen very often. I remember my very first vsit to Scrap It a few years ago. Even then it was awesome! It has a comfortable feel, things are easy to find and grouped in ways that make sense (at least to me). They have a generous selection of textured Bazzill and plenty of Chatterbox, Karen Foster, Scenic Route, and other famous paper companies. They are the flag ship for Lil Davis as JB is a regular there. Post Modern Stamps can also be found there.

Scrap It! expanded not too long ago, and the extra space is put to good use for classes and crops, both of which are very popular there.

One of the most amazing things about the store is not for sale. The samples hanging on the walls of Scrap It! make the trip a worthwhile adventure! But wait--I'm not even sure we should call them samples. They aren't really. They are scrapbook layouts and projects made by true scrappers. Trust me...there are no laminated layout copies provided by manufacturers hanging in this store! Their beautiful works are created by owner Anne Kelly, her employees and friends. If you love layers, creativity, catchy titles, genuine journaling, dimension, bold and unusual use of products, and quality photos, you'll feel like you stepped inside a favorite idea book when you step inside Scrap It! No matter what your preferred style, I'm betting you'll find something that delights your senses.


Jamie said...

Hoo-ray! I am going to a LSS tonight, and I'm super excited!

Lynette said...

I also love Scrap It & never seem to get there since it seems like the other end of the planet for me! I think with my spending habits, it is a good thing that it is so far.

kaylaaimee said...

your lss is cooler than my lss. AND it's in TN one of my favorite places to live.

But really I just want to say you get a gold star for having a *totally* cool blog title

TracieClaiborne said...

Welllllll....we were starting to think you didn't love us anymore! hee-hee I'm so glad you visited! Unfortunately it wasn't on a day I was there but oh well.

I know Ann and Bill were glad to see you. Thanks so much for bragging on our layouts. I am the DT Coordinator and Ann and I tried hard to choose DT members who would consistently "wow" us. Looks like it worked!

PS It's "Kelly" btw. Ann and Bill Kelly. Just so you'll know.... :)

Sarah said...

"PS It's "Kelly" btw. Ann and Bill Kelly."

Opps. I knew that. Sorry.