Joal’s home from his company’s annual management meeting in Dallas and the world is right once again. Four days without him and I’m squarely reminded how much I love him and how much I need him. Need. Deeply need him. It hasn’t always been this way. We used to travel separately a lot more than we do now and it rarely bothered me. Before the boys came along, I even spent a whole summer at a Salvation Army Camp and saw him only every other weekend. I used to think I could survive OK if he ever got the chance to go on tour. Now--not so much. Weird how things change.

I never wanted to be one of those women so in love with her man she couldn't see straight. But I am.
I never wanted to need a man so much that it hurts to breathe deep without him. But it does.
I never wanted to be so dependent on another person for so many things. But I am.
I never thought I would find my soul in the love of a man. But I do.

There’s a new magazine on the market called Scrapbook Answers. I had heard about it while it was in production from some peas “in the know” but finally saw the first issue at the grocery on Friday night. I can honestly say this is the best first issue I think I’ve ever seen. Most first issues are—well, less than stellar. It’s very technique-rich and has detailed instructions and photos. It’s also full of peas…discussed here.

Do you ever manage to come home from grocery shopping and not realize that you forgot one thing? I use a list. I cross things off as I select them. I try so hard to only go to the store 2x a week. And yet, it never fails that the minute I get it all unloaded and put away I realize that I forgot to pick up at least one thing. Today it was paper towels. Can't function without paper towels. Can't clean. Can't eat. Can't paint. My cup sweats on my desk without apaper towel coaster. Paper towels are just so handy. And of course, we are completely out. Maybe I'll sneak back over to Kroger tonight after everyone has gone to bed. I could wait until tomorrow but it would be such a huge production to take everyone. I know, I know. I say that like I have 16 kids. I don't. I only have two. It's really not a big deal...but sometimes it feels huge.

Had a scrapbooking moment yesterday: I was driving around with the boys and we passed “Downey Drive”. How cute is that? I think I’m gonna go back and take a photo for Donna. Heaven knows there will never be a street named after my last name. (snort.)

Today we remember.


Gwyn said...

I *always* forget something at the grocery store. And I use a list and cross it off, too. What's *with* that?

I love your banner, btw.

Sophia said...

Oh, I loved reading about your feelings for your husband! That's exactly how I feel about mine! He and I are one soul in two bodies!
Your comments about the papertowels reminded me of the Windex in Big Fat Green Wedding! They DO come in handy! Fun entry! thanks for sharing!