Purging Patterned Paper for Peace

It's time for my periodical patterned paper purge! Try saying that three times fast. :)

About twice a year I start to feel overwhelmed by the stuff in my scrap space and I do a major purge. This year, the main culprit was patterned paper. Let me confess right now...I love paper. I love to look at it. I love to touch it. I love to buy it. I love to buy lots of it.

I should probably get that under control. I used to have the "I teach classes" excuse and that was a rather handy thing...but it's been more than a year since I taught my last class...

In me defense, I have gotten better lately (she says lamely.)

Anyway, my patterned paper has been purged of all the pieces that I probably won't use in the near future. The "to go" pile now consists of a couple hundred sheets. (Ducking...please don't throw things at me.) I am sending some to my sister in Texas who enjoys scrapbooking too. I'm taking the rest to CTF in hopes of selling it really cheap to other paper lovers.

It feels good to purge and know that my loved but unused paper can be put to good use in someone elses space.

Happy Thursday!!

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