T minus Thirty Days Two Hours and Counting

See that little ticker on the side column of my blog? It's counting down the seconds until Croptoberfest! Fifty women, all scrapbookers (or almost all scrapbookers) gather in the woods on a mountain in the beautiful Pigeon Forge area. Let me just say that if traditions hold there will be very little sleeping, tons of laughter, and a good bit of scrapping. It's a beautiful place and always a treat to get away for just a few days with friends old and new.

I have quite a bit to do before then tho:

ATC first.
Friendship/Calling Card Swap...a tradition
Clean out the stash for the Auction/Yard Sale
Decide what to work on
Pack some page kits
Get a photo of myself made for the Friendship Page Swap
Bribe Carla to save me a bottom bunk
Buy a new sleeping bag and maybe a new towel
Stock up on Diet Sunkist
Buy Bear Repellant and extra corn cobs for the outhouse

I'm determined to pack really light this time. No, really. Don't laugh. I'm being serious.

The photo will give you a sense of how far back in the woods we's a truly beautiful place! (I love this state in the fall.)


Jess Elliott said...

"extra corn cobs for the outhouse"??!! what does this mean?! Do I even want to know?!

Seriously, though, to pack light: pick ONE album you want to work on and a stack of pictures already narrowed down to those you really really really want to scrap. This will narrow down your page accessory options, so you'll automatically pack lighter!

Lawanda said...

LOL! Sounds like a blast! We have ScrapCamp here in WV, that is very similar! Lotsa cropping, very little sleeping, and excellent food and company!

Leigh Ann said...

I know! I can't wait. Even though I'll be absolutely clueless I'm sure I'll want to make it an annual thing. I really need to decide what I want to bring to work on.