2Peas Meme Blog Challenge - Scrapbooking Mantra

1 – Go digital as soon as possible. After the initial investment in equipment, (about $300, which is equal to about 7 months worth of film and developing fees) it really will save me time and money. I won’t be paying for printing photos that I have no intention of scrapping. Storage on CDs is far more compact than printed photos.

2 – Single photo layouts make me happy. I will not be swayed by people telling me how wasteful/impractical they are. It’s my scrapbook. I scrap the best and store the rest.

3 – I will not be rushed. Scrapbooking is not a race. I will work at a pace that I am comfortable with and whatever I get done will have to be enough.

4 – Basic supplies are all I really need. Bazzill. Trimmer, photo corners, ribbon, computer and great photos. Occasionally some snappy patterned paper and a few stamps.

5 – There’s more to scrapbooking than layouts. (More on that in coming days.) I’m thinking cards, home décor items, and other paper lover things to do.

6 – Not every event has to be preserved with a blow-by-blow account. When I think about my childhood, it’s not the birthdays and the Christmases that stand out as being the most memorable and the most treasured times. They were nice but it’s the extraordinary in the everyday that means the most to me. I want that to be the same for my boys…even if it means being referred to as a dreaded “moments scrapper”. I can live with that.

7 – Scan layouts and store them electronically *just in case*.

8 – Pea less, scrap more. Pea less, spend less.

9 – I will always be messy in my space. It’s just how I am. I have stopped trying to change that.

10 – Keep it real. In my quest to scrapbook the everyday miracles and the ordinary in everyday…I’ve started learning to be real and let my journaling reflect the realness of who we are.


Brandie said...

Love your list!

kkt said...

8 – Pea less, scrap more. Pea less, spend less.

hehe... love your list!

Ti said...

#3 & #10 are great mantras.... TFS.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I need to go digital as well, I am totally wasting $$ on film and processing. Thanks for that reminder, just gotta convince myself that the initial investment is worth it.
thanks for sharing. :)

Jewely24Fan said...

Ah, went digital 6 years ago, and haven't looked back since! Honestly, I paid for my $600 camera in about 3 months - buying and developing film just about broke our bank!

tracie said...

these are really great.. Good Job.. I also encourage everyone to go digital asap. how ever, I forgot to mention it in my mantra.. that is what happens for me when I do thing fast.. lol

t.hatcher said...

I love your list! It makes me want to go ahead and do the same thing in my blog! You're inspiring me , girl. Your affirmations are great -- I especially love the single photo layout acceptance. :)