Not a Movie Recommendation

As a rule, I don't recommend movies to other people as it always seems to get me into trouble. So this is not a recommendation. I'll tell you that I liked it. I liked it very much. Maybe you will. Maybe you won't.


It's light. Funny. Easy to follow. Adventurous. Interesting.

The good guys save the African continent from a disease and the world's water supply from contamination. The bad guys get their due. The good guy gets the good girl and everyone lives happily ever after. P Cruz plays a strong beautiful Doctor. M McConnaughey is obviously attracted to her but it's not all about the conquest. She's no damsel-in-destress, although he does help her out of a jam.

No cursing. (EDIT to ADD: I should have said "almost no cursing". My "bad-word-meter" isn't particularly sensitive...I usually just notice excessive cursing or long strings of useless drabble.) No blatant s*x. Violence--there's shooting and a little fighting but no one gets hurt (like it should be in the movies) and it's not gore-ish or gross.

And did I mention Matthew McConnaughey? The man has great hair!


kelly edgerton said...

Anything with Matthew in it deserves a recommendation in my opinion. I've heard from others that this is a good movie. It's on my "need to see" list.

Lawanda said...

Now I wanna see it! Thanks for the "non" recommendation! ;)

TracieClaiborne said...

Thanks for not recommending that! I wanted to see it when it came out. Now I'll definitely rent it. I hate too much cursing in a movie. Ugh.

t.hatcher said...

I actually usually like Clive Cussler's books, so I thought I'd rent this movie when it became available. (I just don't go out to the movies very much.) The cursing thing makes me think it's Hollywood's influence because Cussler's books as a general rule are not excessively vulgar, hmmm. I'm glad you posted your take on the movie though. :) Tiff