Digital Dreams

I will always be a paper scrapper.
Take it to the bank.
I adore paper.

However, this digital scrap kit from ScrapKitchen makes me d-r-o-o-l. Seriously. I want to play with it. I have no idea even where to start or if I have the necessary programs to even justify the $6...but look at it. It's positively delicious.

I am way too intimidated by the concept of digital scrapbooking.How does one get over that?


Sabrina said...

Did you see the freebees? You could always try them first before you take the plunge and spend the $.

Have fun tonight!

kelly edgerton said...

I tried the freebies first. I will always be a paste eater, but there is some fun stuff to learn through the digital adventure. just try it... you don't have to convert (giggle). I blogged about it a while back and included a link that I went to for help.