Friday Night into Saturday Morning

From Cathy Z's blog:

The good news? Hosting a little crop night this Friday night with some of
my girlfriends. Not that these get-togethers are ever a hotbed of productivity.
But it does make one feel normal for a few hours. Yes, I like paper too.

Has Cathy Z been masquerading as one of my friends from Scrap Night because it sure sounds like she has witnessed our scenario? Or maybe the lack of productivity is just a universal thing with
scrappers. Oh, my, could it be that we really are normal??


Friday night friends
Under the guise of
People who love paper
and ribbon
and scrap gear
good food.

OK, so the truth is I am the only one who rarely does anything.
I prefer to enjoy the company and piddle.

To laugh and listen and be heard.
To catch up.
I can be productive on my own time.
My friends make it fun.

What a lucky girl I am!
(Thanks ya’ll, for coming and for sharing parts of your lives with me.)


Leigh Ann said...

Thanks for opening up your home and giving us a cozy place to congregate! I always enjoy your crops.

Debby said...

Sarah, you're a dear! It does sound like she's been a fly on the wall on our Friday nights! I so enjoy being able to get together with you and the others I've come to know by being a guest in your home! It's especially nice for me, since I live alone to be able to hang out and chat with everyone once or twice a month. I'm glad that you enjoy having us, I certainly enjoying being there!