Run on Over to Staples...

Don't you love it when you "discover" an unusual or unexpected treasure? I do. It makes my day.

Tonight I stopped in Staples and while looking at the holiday printer stationery I discovered this little unexpected treasure!
Gartner Studios makes a line of holiday stationery with *Add-Ons* for Staples. This is one of the *Add-Ons*--metal snowflake brads!! The bag of 12 costs $3. They are about the size of a silver dollar.

These remind me of one of the metal shapes in the assortment package of shapes by Making Memories...but these are brads (ie much easier to use than things that need eyelets) and you get more of the same style item for less $$.

I a-d-o-r-e snowflakes. I can't wait to use these...I only bought three bags. LOL!


Sabrina said...

Did you pick up that cool stapler that I had? Those are neet brads, Target had some similar last year but these are much cheaper in price.

Janeen said...

Those are really cute...gotta get by there!!