One of my favorite things about Croptoberfest is participating in the swaps. This year I entered three swaps: a card swap, the ATC swap and the Rolodex/Friendship Page Swap.

This was my first experience with making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). Random personal pieces of art...can't beat that! It's tradition that we do the Friendship page swap but this was the first year that it was in the form of a Rolodex card. How unique is that? I love the idea. I don't have a Rolodex holder, so I placed hole reinforments over the Rolodex slots and put the collection on binder rings. Click here to see my Rolodex Card entry (front and back) and my ATC entry. (I forgot to scan the card I entered in the card swap.)

It was fun.

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Jaime said...

Too cool!!! I did some of the Rolodex ones a while back and they really were fun to make!!! -Jaime