{Sad} Moments Defined

Someone should really tell the women (supposedly) of Moments Defined to find some new male material...because apparently they've made some really poor choices in the man department. At least that's what this ad leads me to think. It sure doesn't make me want to buy their paper.

I've seen this ad in several scrapbook mags lately and it bugs me to no end. It's sexist. It's depressing. It's degrading. And most of all, it has nothing to do with the products.

You know I adore paper. I go to great lengths for paper acquisitions. :) It occupies a large part of my home. I value paper.

But not ever above my man.
No way, no how.

Paper has never kissed me back.
It's never hugged me when I hurt or brought me flowers for no reason.
It has never written me a song.
It's never brought me dinner in bed when I was sick.
It doesn't help with the laundry.
It doesn't mow the grass or fill the gas tank on my car.
It doesn't wrestle in the floor with my sons.
It doesn't play guitar or sing.
Paper doesn't smell deliscious after a shower.
Paper doesn't soothe my soul.
Paper doesn't pick up the dry cleaning.
It doesn't enjoy sharing a bowl of popcorn and a good movie with me.
It doesn't push stray strands of hair away from my face.
It has never once said "I love you" or "I'm sorry".
Paper doesn't cheer for the Titans on tv and it doesn't go camping with my cub scout.
Paper doesn't look good in a pair of ripped up jeans.

Shall I stop there?? I could go on ya know...

Would we stand for a company to make similar blatant generalizations and degrading stereotypes about womanhood? Absolutely not. No way no how. I can guarantee you the peas would have had them for lunch and dinner.

So why is there no outrage about this ad? (Well, ya know, besides me?) I wish I had an answer. I don't. I find it more than a little annoying and I have no plans to buy paper from Moments Defined...even tho perhaps they could use it on therapy.


Diana in WV said...

My first time to your blog, and I love what you wrote about that ad....

You sound like you have a great man....

I, on the other hand, am still looking, lol...but I agree with you on that ad, it irks me, too.

KimF said...

That ad has given me pause when I've seen it in the mags recently and I personally thought they were probably not getting much business from it. I can see what they were trying to go for, but it isn't working for them.


scrapinfool said...

I didn't realize the ad bothered me so much but your reply to it is so true. I love my man. :)
ps found your blog through 2peas. I blog 2 but is isn't as cool as yours.

Hope said...

Yikes! I really hope that his isn't the beginning of a trend.

I must admit that I haven't opened a mag for a few months so haven't seen this.

It reminds me of advertising attempts I've seen on the Apprentice.

Isn't this the paper that got started through KNK? I stopped subscribing a while ago (OK, when I stopped scrappin much :::shock:::). :)

:) Hope

Anonymous said...

Well I at time love my paper more than my man.

Paper doesn't talk back.

Paper doesn't sleep on my side of the bed.

Paper doesn't try to grope me when I am sleeping.

Paper does what I want, when I want.

Paper always looks pretty. And well my man, doesn't.

I can keep my paper orderly and neat.

I guess I could go on...but you get the point. Besides the man in the ad has a way better body than my DH. I love eye candy, it is calorie-free.