Make Way for Crafty Woman

During most of the year, I am a woman deeply committed to just one hobby. Scrapbooking. You know this. For three seasons of the year, rarely does a day go by that I don't do something scrap-related...sometimes alot of somethings. However, when fall hits, my alter ego bubbles to the surface again. Her name--Crafty Woman. I think there may be something in the air...a love of flea markets and craft shows leftover from my childhood, the smell of pine shavings from my father's funiture making shop...magazines packed with holiday craft project ideas gracing the newstands at the grocery. It all just brings her back from her tri-season hibernation.

Crafty Woman is drawn to painting and baking and sewing and kids crafts and ornament making and card making and any of a hundred other crafty things. She scours Michaels website and craft magazines and home dec idea books for new ideas for incorporating craftyness into her holidays. She's driven. :)

She arrived on the scene today...when she saw a photo of this Stocking Advent Calendar at , an upscale toy catalog. "How neat is that? And how easy it would be to make!" The thought buzzed right thru her brain before she even realized. You know...those are the immortal words of Crafty Woman..."How easy it would be to make that!"

It took Crafty Woman all of three seconds to track down and print out a darling little pattern for a stocking, find some cording in the Christmas decorations. CW's stockings are going to be made of muslin and I think Crafty Woman's kids will l-o-v-e stamping on them with paint! Crafty Woman loves to get the kids involved!!

So, she's back with a vengence. Marauding thru the aisles of the craft stores in search of that perfect next project. Making sketches...tracking down directions...plotting and planning. Buying paints and felts and threads and fabrics and silk garlands and ribbons...beware. It could be catching!!!

Happy Tuesday!!


Sharma said...

I followed your link here from two peas - I love it. I love your layout - loe the flowers and the colour is one of ma favourites!

Sabrina said...

Sarah, sometime Craft Woman needs a swift kick in the you know what. My inner CW comes out at this time of year and usually ends up making a huge mess! Oh, did I tell you my awesome idea for gifts? I'm frantically tracking down those top loading lunchboxes, spending hours on-line and driving to every M's. Should I just smack her?

Sarah said...

Ah, Sabrina, don't even mention the messes. If only CW could be neat, contained, get things done early and under budget!! --NOT!--

Glad to know she has sisters!

Leigh Ann said...

Crafty woman has been to my house. There are bins in my attic and drawers in the guest room full of unfinished or never-quite-begun crafting, sewing, quilting, crocheting, and cross-stitching projects. Darn her!