10 Things Learned at The Fire Station

10 Things Learned at The Fire Station:

--Fire Stations in Nashville no longer use the traditional fire pole to slide down...most houses don't even have one because OHSA has declared them dangerous. There's only one fire house in Nashville that still has one and it's only kept for rookies who want to take a slide down the pole. Doesn't that just seem wrong?

--The helmet of a firefighter in Nashville is yellow. Not the traditional red. Red helmets are worn by captains. A chief wears a white helmet.

--Firefighters have to buy their own food/meals while on duty at the firehouse. (With all the excess-ities this town pays for, I think this is just plain wrong.)

--Nashville only has two HAZ-MAT teams.

--Fire Stations are no longer allowed to have dogs.

--A fireman can get dressed into his bunker gear and onto the truck in less than 1 minute. Even with the new zippers. :)

--When opening a fire hydrant, stand on the side of the hydrant that doesn't have any caps. That way, if one pops off under the pressure, you won't loose your knee.

--Yes, there was a fire in the firehouse once. A fireman was cooking breakfast when the alarm sounded. In his haste to leave, he turned the burner control on the stove up instead of off. While the company was answering the call, the kitchen caught fire. A passerby called it in and then broke into the fire house to use a fire extinguisher to put it out. But of course, not before all the engines from neighboring fire houses showed up to help. I got the feeling perhaps it was a sore subject and the cause of much good natured conjecturing amongst the houses. Boys...

--The desire to be a fireman usually starts very young and never goes away.

--Firemen are very special people. But we already knew that.


Janeen said...

Now a firehouse without a pole or a dog should be a sin! lol REALLY makes one miss the 'good ole days'.

TracieClaiborne said...

What firehouse did you go to? I want to do that! Did you call ahead?

Debby said...

Good trivia info! It looks like J had a blast! I'm so glad - it sounds like a lot more fun than I had sitting at my desk indexing documents. My great-grandfather was a firefighter and my Dad spent lots of time with him at the firehouse. Several years ago when visiting the area my Dad got to show me around it, as it is now a Firehouse Museum. In fact, we even got our picture taken with one of the old trucks he used to ride on with Gramp. It was a special trip for me!

Sarah said...

Station 13 Tracie. It's off Charlotte, at the 46th Ave exit. We went to that one because one of the moms in our HS group knows a fireman there. She set it all up for our group.

Also, that second photo is the fulfillment of a life-long dream for J...that's him with his back to the camera. He got to open the fire hydrant. (He wore his Nashville Fire shirt and they gave him the royal treatment.)