I Forgot Our Anniversary

Dang it. I just realized I forgot our anniversay. Our homeschooling anniversary, that is. October 16 marked the end of our first year as a home schooling family. One whole year. What an eye-opening year it was too.

It wasn't a perfect year, but it certainly had some perfect moments. It wasn't easy on any of us but it is worth what it takes. At time we question the wisdom of this decision. But it is working. We are (with God's grace and provision) working it out together.

I'll never be a traditional teacher.
He'll never be a traditional student.
I guess that means we're a good match, right.


Debby said...

Yeah! Congrats - from all you've told me and what I've seen, I think it certainly looks to have been the right decision. BTW, you were up awfully early this morning, or had you not been to bed yet?! Have a great weekend!

Carla said...

You go girl! You are the perfect teacher for your children. You understand and care for them in a way no one else ever will. I am 110% behind you all the way!