Wanna Swap??

For several years now I have wanted to have a special Christmas tree decorated with all paper/scrapbook ornaments. This is the year...I am going to do it.

I was thinking of hosting a swap to this end. Let me know if you are interested in joining me.

Paper Christmas Ornament Swap
Due by November 30

Make 6 similar paper based Christmas ornaments...receive back 6 different ones.

--Nothing larger than 5x5.

--Ornaments should be primarily paper...but any of the usual scrapping embellishments are welcome. ie ribbon, beads, brads, tags, eyelets, acrylics, embossing, etc...basically if you can do it in your scrapbook, you can do it here.

--No glass ornaments please.

Sign up by emailing

PS My new issue of PaperKuts came today and inside was a picture that I thought perfectly illustrated this swap. These are just possibilities for may choose to leave a space for photos or not include photos at all. They don't have to be square...could be circular or tags or whatever shape strikes you.

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