Danger! Danger! Fonts Ahead!


Love fonts.
True Type is my friend.
I remember the first time I discovered a free font site...I stayed up all night downloading hundreds of fonts. A few days later I realized that was a huge waste of space on my computer so I deleted 99% of them and kept the ones I knew I would use. I know people who have amassed collections of thousands...right Anita?!

I have 172 and they are all well loved.

Yesterday, I discovered Font Garden. Beware. Font Garden has excellent handwriting fonts but they cost a couple dollars each. I've never purchased fonts--that is until last night when I spent $12.50 and got 5 w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l handwriting fonts. A couple are pretty close to my own handwriting. How coool is that?

For my free fonts, I usually ckeck Angie Pedersen's One Scrappy Site first. She keeps a good check on the hot scrapbooking fonts and her site is easy to use. I really like that she arranges them by name as well as by which magazine they were used in. So if you see a font in the Hall of Fame book, you can check out the list of fonts used in the Hall of Fame book on her site, rather than sort thru hundreds.

If Angie doesn't have it, I usually just google the name or ask at 2Peas. Many sites offer free fonts and fonts for purchase.

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Angie Pedersen said...

Thanks for the plug, dear! Much appreciated! ;)

And if there's ever a font you can't find on my site, do let me know, and I'm pretty sure I can track it down for you. ;)