2Peas Meme - Scary Movies

Well, I should probably just skip this one because I don’t intentionally watch scary gore movies. There’s just no appeal there to me. I don’t like to be disturbed by things I watch on the big screen without a cause. Of all the movies that I’ve ever watched, there are only two that I found very disturbing…disturbing on a deep level…deeper than any superfluous blood, guts and gore could ever descend to.

The first is Shindler’s List.

I know people find it odd that this movie messed me up but it did. Perhaps it’s not really the story of the movie that bothers me so much but the immeasurable evil of the holocaust as a whole. I know evil exists and I am educated as to the basic events of the transgressions of the holocaust. I believe it to be a scourge on the history of humanity (all humanity) and I think it’s wrong to take it in the light of entertainment. To me, this movie feels wrong.

Yes, I know that Shindler’s story is one of redemption and of one man’s course of actions affecting almost 1100 other lives…but I can’t get past the backdrop of sheer evil.

Collateral Damage

On a slightly lesser note, there’s a scene in Collateral Damage where one of the bad guys is tortured brutally with a poisonous snake…that’s all I’m going to say about that…I can’t even describe it…it still makes me feel sick. I’m very much against the idea of snakes. They seriously creep me out beyond words. Since that scene I've taken to the idea that movies containing snakes should come with their own special warning label.

You think I'm joking?

So, there you have it. My twist on what scares me movie-wise.

Happy Halloween