See that counter in the small collumn of my little blog? It's been there for months and in just a few hours it's finally going to arrive at -0-. Know what that means?

I will be leaving.
Leaving the children with the husband.
Leaving the house and the yard.
Leaving the blog.
Leaving the mail.
Leaving the email.
Leaving the peas.
Leaving the neighbors.
Leaving the city.
Leaving the county.
Leaving the region.
Leaving most of the responsibility...

Going to the mountains--the Great Smoky Mountains in the hills of east Tennessee...the place that some call "God's Country"...a title I am inclined to agree with, especially during this time of the year.

Going away for a few days of recuperations, relaxation, recreation and of course, a little scrapbooking. (Sorry. No "r" word for scrapbooking.) I'm dragging Anita and Leigh Ann with me...if you are on the road between here and there, look for the completely overloaded white Jeep carting three girls who are giddy with the lack of responsibility! That would be us!!

We are meeting 40+ other girls for a weekend in the woods! This is the 7th year of this blissful weekend and it's my fifth to attend. I should be packing and cleaning out the Jeep now (and about 300 other things to do before I can leave) but I am so giddy I can harly figure out what to do next.

I have managed to plan my LP assignments for the next three months and pack kits for each. I have packed kits for about ten pages and 3 sets of swap cards. As unusual as it is for me to actually do something at these events...I am going to get things accomplished at this one. I will. I n-e-e-d to. Cross your fingers for me.

Our plan is to stop at 4 scrapbook stores along the way. It's not a vacation for me if there's no shopping...luckily I am armed with friends who enjoy shopping as well. :)

So...hope everyone has a great weekend. :)

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Debby said...

Oh my friend, have an absolutely fantabulous time!! Though it sounds like great fun and something I might try another year, I must say that I'm personally looking forward to my completely-by-myself, no-travel, no-company quiet weekend at home!! I've got chores to do, and a Sunday School class gathering Saturday evening, but am also hoping to enjoy accomplishing some reading and some sewing. Talk to you when you return!