It's a Great Day to be Alive...

to borrow a sentiment from Travis Trit...Things just feel right to me today. That doesn't happen very often so I try to enjoy it when it does.

--I love fall and the leaves started turning this week in our neighborhood. I'm dragging the family out for photos in the park leaves later today.

--My in-laws came by yesterday afternoon on their way home from PA and we went out for dinner to my favorite resaurant (Jim n Nicks BBQ). They stayed over and went to church with us this morning. I always enjoy seeing them and the boys adore them. We will miss them...they are moving to PA in a week or so. This will take them from being 6 hours away to being 13 hours away.

--Speaking of church, it was my day to help out in G's Sunday School class. I don't usually look forward to it (12-15 two and three year olds is a little too chaotic for my comfort level) but today went well. G had a nice time and got along well with the other children. One of the little girls--Emma--wasn't so happy to be there so I spent a good portion of the class holding her in my lap. She was sweet and cuddly...I get that so rarely now...I think I enjoyed it as much as she did. Pink smocking fascinates me.

--Joal's begun working on his Christmas music for this year's *Christmas Experience* events. I probably won't get to attend any of his shows this year and I will miss it. He's including a LeAnn Rimes tune "I Need You" in this set...I was a little surprised by the irony of *my husband* singing a LeAnn Rimes tune...that's not usually his style but this song is incredible. It was part of the sountrack of music from *Jesus* the epic mini-series. I would like to get him to lay down a rough track of that one...

--My little sister is on my mind alot lately. I say "little" out of habit but she's not little anymore. She's 17 and beautiful. She's learning to drive and going on dates. I'm so proud of her and I miss her so much. I'm hoping she'll be able to come visit soon.

--I started Julian's Fire Fighter adventures album while I was at Croptoberfest. I'm going to work on that more later today. He's so proud of it. I'm taking the minimallist approach--very little embellishing--I'm just enlarging many of the photos. He has pulled it out at least once a day every day since I've been home.

Thanks for sticking with me.

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