Weird Weird Day

Sorry to disappoint...there will be no deep thinking today...I'm kinda frazzled. When the cat is away...the momma doesn't quite function properly.

I spent the morning putting all the photos from the past few months into pocketed page protectors and a 12x12 album. I *love* that feeling of being photo-organized. Makes choosing what to scrap next a breeze.

I received a weird letter in the mail today. A woman from the next county wants to buy our house. What in the world?? Seriously...I couldn't resist. I had to call the number to find out what this was about. Turns out she's a real estate investor and is trying to buy houses in our area. Having only been a home owner for 15 months...I am continually amazed at the stupid things home owners encounter that I never knew about before. I was polite...but what I really wanted to say was "Honey, if you are offering anything less than a million dollars, you won't be buying my house." That's how hard we have worked on this house and how much we hate the process of moving. But for a cool million, I could buy 3 really nice log homes (one for us, one for each set of parents) and plenty of acerage in the country. I'd move again for that.

The mail man brought my paper order from Scrapbook Express today. Did I mention that I placed a paper order on Tuesday 9/7 and it arrived via USPS Priority Mail on Friday? How's that for service? Awesome!!! I am loving that store. I love the new Chatterbox papers so much I should just spead them out and roll around on them...but then they would get all crinkled...and they are too pretty for that.

Seriously. Scrapbook Express saved me from having to start all over on a project I've been working on. I ran out of a certain paper and of course, no one around had any of it left!! Figures. Needless to say, I am highly impressed with them!

I received my last Creating Keepsakes in the mail today. You know how they put the final issue of your subscription in a special bag and announce to the world "This is your last issue...extend your subscription today!!!!!!! or bad things will happen to'll be missing out on the newest, hottest, latest and greatest in the wide wide world of'll be so alone without us!!!" Yeah well...I'm abandoning CK for a while. I'm going to try this concept of living "away from the edge" instead of living in anticipation of the cutting edge. This will be the first time since CK began publishing that I will not be a subscriber.

Motley Crue is playing here in Nashville tomorrow night. No, Mom, we aren't going. I just think it's interesting. Aren't they like..old now? Lately, I have been amused at the long list of bands that seem to have been on top of the world in the late 80s and are now resurfacing. It seems to be happening alot. I think it's because the generation of teenagers that really got into their music is now grown up and finally has money to spend on tickets. Maybe it's a way to recapture some of the youth that is silently slipping away by indulging in the music of our youth. Seriously. There's a whole list of bands...Motley Crue, Stryper and others. (I'll have to get Joal to remind me of the others...I've forgotten them...apparently I am getting old and forgetful too.

About the only thing creative I managed today was short little article (review) written for a local home school newsletter.

Just random things youngest child will not stay out of the refrigerator...he's currently chowing down on frozen (pre-cooked) chicken fingers. Ick!! I'm considering a lock for the refrigerator.

Happy Saturday.

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BeckyD said...

LOL My youngest has done that before. I caught him a few weeks ago trying to eat a frozen fish stick. NASTY!

Those were the days....I'm to old for the rock scene now. Two years ago a friend won tickes to see Warrant/Winger/White Snake. The four of us piled into a car and went. It was fun but I paid for it dearly. My ears rang for 3 days and I refuse the discuss the terrible hangerover I had.