Apples Apples Apples

Since I am up, I've been wanting to mention that we took a field trip to the Morning Glory Apple Orchard this week with the hs group. We've been three times before but the boys love it so we went again. Sure enough, it was lots of fun. We brought home our usual gallon of cider, two special bags of apples and apple sipper cups. The tour guide lady, Ms. Tine, at the apple orchard used a apple peeler, corer, slicer to, you guessed it, peel, core and slice an apple for the kids. When she popped it off the gadget, she cut it in half and passed out "apple smiles". Apparently, that stuck with G. Last night I cut up an apple to have after dinner and he insisted on having his cut into a "shh-mile".

Apparently, I wasn't paying attention to the "talk" part of our tour the last few times we have been. This time I learned that when you buy an apple at the grocery, it's probably already been off the tree for 5-6 weeks. That kinda surprised me. Seems like a really long time. So much for the notion of *fresh* produce. I think I'm going to check out the Farmer's Market again.

PS. Another thing I of those little tidbits that kinda makes you smirk and go hmmm. There is one Queen Bee in each hive of bees. It take roughly ten drone bees who have the job of taking care of the queen bee. Read more about the interesting sociology of bees here.


Bonnie said...

Sarah, I have been seeing posts about everyone goin' apple picking lately... I wish there was somewhere locally that the boys and I could go do this- sounds like so much fun!! Oh by the way...I LOVE your blog...
Keep up the good work!!

Vicki said...

I think one of best purchases I made when my kids where younger was the "apple , peeler, corer, slicer" from pampered chef.. I bought it on a whim but it sure got them to eat alot of apples!! and it was fun too....

oh btw found your blog from 2p's!