Wild about Wild Asparagus!

I am seriously liking the Wild Asparagus papers! I have always loved cardstock-weight patterned papers and this is one of the best lines of it around. Yes, they are a little pricey...but so rich and perfect. (It's also double-sided.)

This page was my first experience with WA and I still love it. I posted it at 2Peas and it was displayed at Scrappuccino in Greenbriar (one of my favorite LSS) for the past few months.

I was at Scrappuccino yesterday and they are having a sale--25% off all merchandise (except certain newly-arrived stuff) and the sale price includes the WA line. I think I may have to go get some more this weekend.

The beautiful thing about cardstock-weight patterned paper is that it makes cards really easy.

It's fun things like Wild Asparagus paper that keeps my mind from dwelling on all the destruction and pain in our part of the world right now. I watched the news a good bit today and am always disheartened to see the struggle of humanity when times are especially difficult.

I worked at The Salvation Army for a short time before I had Julian (as the worst secretarty in the world) and while I came to hate the job, (because it was a bad fit for my personalily) I was always so proud to tell people where I worked. The Salvation Army is an excellent organization, built solidly on the principle that you can not expect to meet a man's spiritual needs, if his physical needs are not being met. If he's hungry, he's surely not going to listen to a serman about Christ's love until his stomach is no longer grumbling. The Salvation Army meets the needs of millions every year--first their physical through food, shelter, clothing and support, and then, as they are ready and willing, The Salvation Army stands ready and willing to help meet the spiritual needs of people as well.

The Salvation Army has always been on a short list of first-responders in the time of crisis around the world. They mobilize teams of volunteers and officers within hours of a distress call and I can tell you from first hand experience, they have mastered the art of operating cohesively in the midst of chaos and tradgedy. It's truly an amazing thing to be part of a TSA effort of relief. The Salvation Army is so much more than bell ringers at Christmas. They are quiet, unassuming, generous world-changers...champions of the poor and down-trodden in every corner of the world.

It's reassuring to know that The Salvation Army is ready and able to respond to this crisis. It's a somewhat helpless feeling to watch the news and know you really can't do much to directly help...but we can. We can pray and we can give. We can pray to the very God who created the winds and who knows each and every soul that is feeling the brunt of this storm. According to scripture, He alone can calm the seas and mend the broken. We can give of our resources. We should give, for we have been given much.

Americans are famous for giving loudly. How much better is it to give quietly? Frankly, I try hard not to be impressed by people who advertise their giving in times like this. It's annoying. Don't try to garner respect for your reputation in the midst of the hurt of others. Just give. You will find your reward in your heart.

I don't want to panic...but gas prices and a possible fuel shortage have me deeply concerned. Joal drives 150 to 300 miles a day (yes, a day) for his work. If there is no gas, he does not work and of course, by extension, does not get paid. He filled up both cars today and the bill came to $105. (Cough, sputter, cough!) He spoke to one of his salesmen in Atlanta tonight and he said that gas prices there have climbed above $6, just today.

In a way, though, I feel more like I should just be grateful for all that we have and for the health and safety of my family. We are so blessed.

These kinds of events always make me want to buy a ranch in Wyoming and drag my family (my whole family) up there and learn to live off the land, free from the constraints of so much of modern life. I know. It's completely irrational but it's where I go mentally when I need to disassociate from the fears.

Safe and peaceful Thursday.

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TracieClaiborne said...

What!!!!!? YOU worked at The Salvation Army??? How have I never known this!? I was the Marketing Coordinator for the ARC in Nashville for 3 years before I had Caroline. Where did you work? ARC or Area Command? I'm in shock! Who was the Major there then? What year? Why didn't you like it? LOL It stressed me out. I'm too emotional to deal with people's problems. I want to take them all home and let them live with me. Seriously.

My mind is reeling from the disaster situation. Thank God for you telling people to donate to The Salvation Army! Bless you girl!