Remember This?

Funny...the things I remember. See this Memories advertisement? I remember the extreme Wow! I felt when I first saw this ad in the March/April 1998 Creating Keepsakes. At that time, I owned an ex-ten-sive collection of these very letter stickers in every color so this ad was just the jump start I needed to jazz up the insane sticker collection.

While I have long-since parted ways with my alphabet sticker collection...I still think this is one of the most useful and impressive advertisements I've ever seen in a scrapbooking magazine. It was relevant at the time and showed the product off well. It also showed how the product could be used with others. That always scores big in my book because I believe it's completely unrealistic to think that scrapbookers are going to just use one line of products. (That's another post.)

I ripped that bugger out and hung it in my scrap space...and even tho I don't use these alpha stickers anymore, the ad still makes me feel I hold onto it.

Thought you might enjoy it too!

Happy Saturday!

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TracieClaiborne said...

Fun!!! I love to see old stuff in scrapbooking. I can totally see why you loved this. I would have been all over it. LOL